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Demand for Jain Steels Corporation Steel Products Extends Throughout Asia and Africa


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2012 -- Steel is iron that has been combined in an alloy with other elements, such as carbon or chromium. This is done in order to guard against corrosion and increase toughness and durability. It is one of the most widely produced man made materials in the world, with a vast number of industrial and domestic uses.

One of the major players in the steel trade is JainSteelsCorp.com. They have garnered widespread acclaim from a huge number of industrial clients throughout the world for their huge range of high quality steel products.

The Jain Steels Corporation range of products stretches from pipes and pipe fittings to sheets, plates, coils and wires. They have a wide variety of grades and types of steel available, but concentrate on corrosion resistant steel (also known as stainless steel).

The JainSteelsCorp.com website has an extensive catalogue of all the steel products that they produce and sell. The products are arranged into categories for easy browsing. An absolutely vast amount of technical information is provided for each product, and factors such as chemical composition, dimensions and fittings are described thoroughly.

The site also features a large amount of information about the company. The history of the company is explained, along with details of their stringent quality policy. Cautious potential customers will be pleased to see evidence of their many certifications, and a large number of glowing testimonials from many clients.

The business has seen significant growth even in difficult economic conditions, a spokesperson explained why they have been successful:

“The Jain Steels Corporation has been in operation since 1998. Since then we have become one of the market leaders. We believe our success is due to our high quality products, our competitive prices, and our specialized manufacturing facilities. We sell a wide range of steel products to clients in many different industries, both in India and across the world. Our clients are in many different industries, from intricately complex nuclear power facilities to dairy farms. The stainless steel products that we provide are manufactured with the highest precision, and we stock products for almost any application. We have a company wide commitment to customer service. Our strong belief is that customer service is the most important element of doing business, and our pledge to our customers is that we will serve them as well as we possibly can.”

About JainSteelsCorp.com
The Jain Steels Corporation is an Indian steel manufacturer. They sell a vast range of steel products to a huge number of clients across the globe.

For more information please visit: http://JainSteelsCorp.com