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Demand for Self-Defense Weapons Is Exploding


Holiday, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2016 -- Concern for personal protection is driving an increase in sales of non-lethal self-defense weapons for American adults, especially women. This is according to a new report published by Allied Market Research on trends and forecasts for the less lethal and self-defense weapon markets.

In 2014, the market was valued at $58.10-million and is expected to be valued at $82-million by the end of 2023.

The growing crime rate against traditional soft targets such as students, senior citizens, women, and children is creating a surge in the market for non-lethal weapons.

To meet that demand, companies are creating self-defense tools that are light and efficient but do not look like weapons. An example of that is the My Defense Tool® (MDT).

With no buttons to push or spray that might blow back in your face, the MDT also captures evidence to aid police in identifying the attacker. The tip leaves a unique wound pattern and scrapes and stores DNA from skin, hair, and clothing fiber.

According to the President of the global self-defense training organization, Cobra-Defense International, Chris Sutton, tools like the MDT provide an ideal choice for discreet non-lethal protection. According to Sutton, "Non-lethal weapons that don't spray or fire projectiles are more comfortable for people in a house with children."

He says that any weapon that requires aiming and pushing a button or pulling a trigger requires lots of practice under stress. Victims may also lose a more complex weapon to the attacker and have it used against them. After all, many trained police officers are shot with their own weapons. The MDT is strapped to the hand so it's difficult to drop or have it taken away and has no moving parts.

"By design, there are no buttons to push or triggers to pull. The MDT doesn't even look like a weapon, but it's a formidable defensive tool. It's like the ninja of defense. The bad guy won't really see it until it's too late."

Allied Market Research Report:

About Cobra-Defense International
Cobra-Defense defense is a law-enforcement based self-defense training company based in Clearwater, FL. Cobra trains individuals, corporations, and organizations in a wide range of programs including active shooter response, anti-bullying, and personal self-defense.

About My Defense Tool, LLC
My Defense is a group of individuals who have coupled with self-defense professionals as advisors, materials engineers, design engineers and applied the highest quality production standards and testing, all to produce the My Defense Tool®.

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