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Demand for Skilled Workers Ignites Growth of Employment Testing by Success Performance Solutions


Lancaster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2013 -- When confronted with a troubling disconnect between impressive resumes but poor on-the-job performance, employers found a solution with Success Performance Solutions – employment testing.

Technology and high-tech manufacturers are not alone. Employee tests have been used by companies for decades to help screen candidates before hiring and employees prior to promotion. But according to workforce trends expert Ira S Wolfe, the demand for what Peter Drucker called “knowledge technologists” and the associated increasing risk and cost for hiring the wrong person has cemented partnerships between employers and employee assessment companies like Success Performance Solutions.

One reason for the uptick in testing is the high cost of employee turnover.

“Management goes ballistic when inventory is lost or materials are wasted,” says Wolfe who is president of Success Performance Solutions (SPS). “But when it comes to employees, bad hires and poor performance are tolerated and even excused as if the voluntary or involuntary loss was unavoidable and a necessary and fixed cost of doing business.”

Through the utilization of employee tests to assess technical skills such as typing and data entry and high skill job requirements like analytical skills, SPS has become increasingly effective at helping clients quickly and accurately determine which applicants or employees are most qualified for a particular job.

According to Wolfe, understanding the client’s expectations of the candidate determines what employment test is recommended. “A lot of our competitors only have a hammer, “says Wolfe. “The problem then is every solution is treated like the problem is a nail…and that couldn’t be further from the truth.” SPS packages several tests into what he calls “the whole person approach.” When assessing skilled jobs, sales and leadership positions, it is critical that a client knows how the individual will make complex and difficult decisions, how they approach and complete work, and how they develop and manage relationships.

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In business since 1996, Success Performance Solution has established itself as one of the leading employment test consulting firms. And its continued growth and long-term retention of its clients is the result of what one client calls “spot-on” results.

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