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Diet Doc has helped people nationwide achieve Demi Lovato weight loss results by designing diet plans that address the real reason for weight gain


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- It is no secret that rock superstar, Demi Lovato, has struggled throughout her life with weight gain and eating disorders. Recently, however, Ms. Lovato has reached a resolution to her lifelong problem by entering treatment for her eating disorder, as well as learning how to eat what her body really needs. Ms. Lovato's new structured meal plans have taught her how to avoid processed, fast and fatty foods that raise cholesterol levels and cause weight gain, while working on portion control. Like millions of Americans, Ms. Lovato admits that she obsessed over food while being terrified of its effects at the same time, finding herself overeating for reasons not related to hunger.

In their quest to help everyone who has struggled to lose unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat, Diet Doc recently developed diet plans that can deliver Demi Lovato weight loss results and are, not only specific to each patient's personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs, but that actually focus on a number of reasons why people turn to food during times of stress. The company designed diet plans that are geared toward helping those who are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates, are too busy to follow a diet plan that requires elaborate recipes and personal consults, as well as emotional eaters who turn to high fat, sugary foods when they are feeling disappointed, frustrated or simply overwhelmed.

By combining decades of scientific research, modern medical understanding, and the knowledge and expertise of their staff of specially trained fast weight loss doctors, nurses and nutritional coaches, Diet Doc has been able to help people throughout the country achieve Demi Lovato weight loss results by learning how to choose foods that nourish the body and keep it operating at optimal capacity without compromising their weight. Unlike the competition, Diet Doc patients are so successful because their staff works closely with each patient to really get to know them. During an initial online doctor consultation, the entire system is reviewed to uncover the real reason for weight gain, including eating disorders that may have not been addressed in the past. These issues will be discussed before the doctor recommends the best method of weight loss for long term management.

Next, certified nutritionists work with each patient to tailor meal and snack plans that address personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs while taking the patient's food preferences into account as well. Qualified patients may enhance their weight loss with Diet Doc's exclusive prescription hormone diet treatments, prescription diet pills and appetite suppressants that turn the body into a fat burning machine, melting pounds and inches from the hard to reach areas, such as the belly, hips, thighs and buttocks, at an amazing pace. This unique blend not only generates Demi Lovato weight loss results by forcing stored fat into the bloodstream to be quickly flushed from the body, but eliminates the typical dieting side effects that oftentimes cause dieters to abandon their weight loss goals. Patients are left feeling full and satisfied without hunger, cravings or loss of energy.

Finally and most importantly, the Diet Doc team follows each patient throughout their journey with scheduled weekly checkup calls to monitor progress, attitude and comfort. This level of personal service and attention enables doctors to quickly react to weight loss plateaus, modify the diet plan and immediately return the body to fast fat burn mode.

Many people feel that they cannot afford diet plans that will address the real reason for their weight gain. Diet Doc, however, believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a more active, healthier life and developed their specialized diet plans that are designed to address specific eating disorders while fitting comfortably into almost any budget, enabling thousands of everyday, normal people to achieve Demi Lovato weight loss results.

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