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Demineralized Whey Powder Ingredient Market for the Period 2015–2021, Report Examines by Persistence Market Research (PMR)

Persistence Market Research Pvt. Ltd is released new forthcoming report on title "Demineralized Whey Powder Ingredient Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 - 2021".


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2016 -- Whey is a by-product of cheese manufacturing industry. Whey is rich in protein and less in milk fat. This collected whey contains more water hence it is concentrated to remove excess water, demineralized, and then spray-dried to get free flowing powder. Whey protein is of three major types whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. Demineralized whey powder is white to yellowish in colour, free flowing powder, with typical milk taste and free from foreign odor. While cheese processing various salts are added to milk, hence whey is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium and others. These mineral are not suitable for infant food formulations. Hence, increasing demand for infant formula is driving the growth of demineralized whey powder ingredient. Demineralized whey powder ingredient is made from fresh, pasteurized whey, collected from cheese production.

Various techniques such as ion-exchange chromatography, electro-dialysis, cross-flow nanofiltration and others are used in demineralization of whey by removing/reducing soluble mineral, especially D90 and D70 variants are commonly used in the production of infant formula powder. The grades of demineralizes whey powders are based on the percent of mineral removed from whey. Whey powder have to store in cool and dry place and away from water and sunlight as its sensitive product.

Demineralized whey powder ingredient market is segmented on the basis of application and region. Demineralized whey powder ingredient market is segmented on the basis of application such as infant formula, bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverages and others (feed). Among all these segments infant formula is expected to be dominant in terms of revenue contribution. Increased health concerns and population, beverage segment is expected to register highest CAGR during forecast period followed by dairy segment. In beverages demineralized whey powder ingredients are used to give foaming property, stability and mouthfeel. Increased preference for packaged baby food is driving the growth of demineralized whey powder.

Demineralized whey powder ingredient market is segmented on the basis of region includes North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan and Middle East and Africa. North America and Western Europe is mature market for demineralized whey powder ingredient and emerging economies such as Asia Pacific provide opportunities for growth in forecast period. Increasing technological advancement in whey processing industries and rising packaged food and low-calorie food consumption in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa is expected to promote use of demineralized whey powder ingredient in forecast period. With increasing demands for packaged food and convenient products for infant is driving the market and is expected to register healthy CAGR during forecast period.

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Increasing population and strong demand for low calories and protein rich food is creating opportunity for demineralized whey powder ingredient in food and feed industry. As harmful minerals are removed or reduced in powder, is can be used in special food product developments. Health consumers are demanding for low calorie but still nutritionally dense products, and whey powder are rich in protein, carbohydrates and lactose and demineralized whey powder is used in food fortification and new product development designed for sports and clinical nutrition.

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The key international players operating in demineralized whey powder ingredient market includes Eurosérum, Dairygold Food Ingredients, Kaskat Dairy, Senel (Holding) B.V., Van Lee Melkprodukten Barneveld BV, Dairy Crest, Valio Ltd and SPX Corporation. Manufacturing companies in demineralized whey powder ingredients are focusing on partnerships either for product portfolio expansion or for increasing global presence. For instance, in July 2014, Diary Crest signed partnership with Fonterra to sell demineralized whey powder for infant food applications.

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Key points covered in the report
1) Report segments the market on the basis of types, application, products, technology, etc (as applicable)
2) The report covers geographic segmentation

North America

3) The report provides the market size and forecast for the different segments and geographies for the period of 2010 to 2020
4) The report provides company profiles of some of the leading companies operating in the market
5) The report also provides porters five forces analysis of the market.

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