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Demolition Lander Crowdfunding on Kickstarter


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Ever wanted to be in outer space to explore other planets on a fully quipped spacecraft, while destroying enemies and collecting strange alien artifacts with deep hidden meaning? Demolition Lander is an upcoming game that will offer players all the excitement of exploring outer space and more. Game players will be able to maneuver a spaceship through space, trying to stay alive while avoiding various dangerous obstacles such as anti-aircraft enemy weapons, black zones which sucks and destroys a space ship in to its dark void, slow killing danger zones and dangerous airspace mine.

Players will have an arsenal of highly effective and destructive weapons and bombs that will have the capability to destroy almost all obstacles, players can deploy bombs which will turn everything they hit in to a cascade of dust and debris, each bomb or weapon differs in caliber, count per shot and reloading time The main objective of the game is to explore different planets and territories situated in the Demolition Galaxy, each planet has its own different set of obstacles created by the different unique elements of the planet such as weather systems and ground texture and other conditions. As the game proceeds and players reach higher and newer levels, they will be able to unlock more advanced and exciting game upgrades, new spaceships and spaceship upgrades.

Each part of a spaceship is upgradeable, among the 10 spaceship on offer, each one has its special set of characteristics some are heavy and have lots of fire power, some are fast and agile and also unique specifications such as engine power, agility, and weapon caliber. The player has to choose the right spaceship to suit the right conditions in various levels. Along this extra-terrestrial journey players will also explore deep hidden caves situated in different planets; special artifacts can also be collected to unlock the concealed secrets of this amazing universe.

Demolition Lander is the brain child of ApexTech Company, this is software developing company which mainly deals with healthcare, accounting and telecommunication, but their passion and appreciation of gaming has propelled them into creating Demolition Lander. The game is currently in its production phase and the ApexTech Company would like the game lovers and gaming enthusiasts to tap in to their generosity and back their Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to help make this game a reality. The company is trying to make this game as entertaining and high qualities as possible to provide players a real life feel to the game and this cannot be accomplished without the help of other game lovers. The Demolition Lander Crowdfunding on Kickstarter has only 9 days left for people to back the campaign.

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