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Denali Skies: New Novel Takes Readers on a Speculative Journey Deep Into the Heart of Alaska, Revealing the Under Belly of Alaskan Tourism

Written by Danielle Rohr, this tale of one woman’s summer working as a waitress at the gate of Denali National Park is stirring, potent and multi-layered. Struggling to connect with her surroundings and with her failed relationships, main character Liz is raw, relatable and ultimately, indulgent in her delusions of what her Alaskan experience should be; while struggling to discover her own truth along the way. This book is the only story you need this summer. If you liked Dirty Dancing and Bridget Jones Diary, you’re going to love Denali Skies, A Seasonal Girl’s Alaskan Odyssey.


Gardnerville, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- ‘Denali Skies: A Seasonal Girl’s Alaskan Odyssey’, the new book by author Danielle Rohr is like the best kind of vacation: spellbindingly beautiful, spontaneous and chock-full of the unexpected.

Rohr spends much of her time roaming the United States and beyond - writing down her experiences to share with her readers and to incorporate into her future novels. In ‘Denali Skies’, Rohr invites readers into the buzzing, bustling world of the tourism trade. Main character Liz is a confused, ‘hussied-up’ twenty-two-year-old in a toxic relationship, who sheds the bonds of her daily life and flees to the Alaskan wilderness to work as a waitress at the gates of Denali National Park.

Searching desperately for a mystical connection to the land and its creatures, Liz contends with snappish tourists, a parade of men who waltz in and out of her life, and the rigors of living on the cusp of the unknown.

“The earth here moves. Tectonic power, hydraulic power, and glacial force push and pull the geology, spreading it to its absolute limit, yet layered and rich with hues of darkness, immortality, and mysteries not meant for men.”-Rohr, Denali Skies.

Heavy descriptions of the landscape, create a character from the environment itself. Yet, observations and miscommunication in the tourism industry, pull the reader right back to complete dysfunction a whimsical summer:

“Three, they want to know if you, their server, are in college. It is critical you say yes. If you make the mistake of saying no, a grotesque and volatile expression spreads across their faces, followed by a lecture about college. Which is then, finished off, by a singular, sad one dollar tip.”-Rohr, Denali Skies
“That’s Liz. She breaks away from her suffocating present and travels into a place she cannot control. It’s a powerful thing – leaving your life and trying again in a new place. I think many people will relate to her urge for a fresh beginning.”

At the ripe age of twenty-two, a hussied up bar crawling waitress finds herself walking the line between the call of the wild, and the call of her drinking buddies. Liz transcends through this space that is as limitless and hopeful as her heart. There is no shortage of hippies, tourists, and caribou as our dear waitress negotiates her way through a seasonal job. Romantic, humiliating, and heartbreaking, the one constant that keeps her going is the splendor of a captivating landscape known as Denali.

“I believe this book is the perfect story to take along on vacation,” says the author. “Since the main character is working for a famous vacation company, submerged in the peak of tourist season, the plot immediately invites the reader to indulge in Liz's wild antics. This story also gives it's audience a privileged perspective into the depths of what's endured and hidden from the guest’s experience. Who doesn’t wonder what happens behind the scenes in these places?”

Continuing: “Not to mention, Alaska is just so beautiful, and writing – and reading – about it is a pleasure. All three of my books take place in National Parks.

‘Denali Skies: A Seasonal Girl’s Alaskan Odyssey’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1eSmUy5
Also at Barnes & Noble, and other fine reading establishments worldwide.

About Danielle Rohr
Danielle Rohr is a Travel Writer and Fiction Author who has spent the majority of her twenties exploring, tempting fate, and experiencing life. Now in her thirties; she enjoys revisiting these experiences that she’s collected and uses them as a muse for her fictional writing. She currently has three books published, as well as a contribution in a Yosemite Conservancy book. All of her stories fall under a small niche which she’s found powerfully inspiring; she writes stories that take place in our National Parks, and other travel destinations.

She has a B.A. in Social Science with a Concentration in History and ECE.