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Financial Advisor Talks About Working After the Age of 65

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Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2013 -- Have trouble keeping up with what is going on with the world's economy?

Dennis Tubbergen, a financial advisor, author, radio show host and CEO of PLP Advisors, LLC can help out. Whether people enjoy his monthly newsletter at or his blog at, Tubbergen is dedicated to sharing his viewpoints and opinions. On August 30, 2013 his blog was titled Over the Age of 65? Chances are Good You're Still Working.

“Bloomberg ran an interesting story about the number of folks over age 65 who are opting to continue to work," began Tubbergen. "Some, for financial reasons, are forced to keep working; while others simply prefer the working lifestyle."

Below are highlights from the August 20, 2013 article.

(Ed) Bull is a letter carrier with the longest postal route in America, 187.6 miles (301.8 kilometers) across some of the loneliest territory in the country. He’s 72, and part of the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. labor force -- those who work past their 65th birthdays.

Into the mailbox goes the weekly Southwest Oklahoma Shopper and a letter from Stockmans Bank, and slam, the door shuts tight. Snap-and-slam wasn’t always the soundtrack of Bull’s workday. He was a high school principal, coach and referee who retired in the late ’90s only to come back to a payroll. Now he’s one of 7.2 million Americans who were 65 and over and employed last year, a 67 percent jump from 10 years before.

They work longer hours and earn more than they did a decade ago. Fifty-eight percent are full-time compared to 52 percent in 2002, and their median weekly pay has gone up to $825 from $502. In the second quarter, government data show, Bull and his peers made $49 more a week than all workers 16 and older.

Retirement is rarely the discrete here’s-your-gold-watch event it once was. With pensions ever more scarce, millions face perpetual employment.

“It’s becoming the norm,” says Kevin Cahill, research economist at Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging and Work.

"Having helped folks with retirement planning for well over 25 years, I can attest to this trend of those over 65 continuing to work," notes Tubbergen.

"In an uncertain economy, many folks have no choice but to work," he concludes. "Many others who could potentially retire don’t like the idea of giving up a full-time job until they feel better about the economic climate. That could help explain the official 16.1 percent unemployment rate for those between the ages of 18 and 29 (from Huffington Post on May 5, 2013)."

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