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Dental Amalgam Controversy: A Health Risk or a Safe Practice?

The issue of dental amalgam has largely heated up the dentistry field. Xpress Dental expressed their view about this issue in a more educated way.


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- The disputable controversy over the use of dental amalgam drew pole- to- pole views, mainly because of the element mercury mixed in that fusion. The mere fact that this element, which is commonly known as quicksilver, is included in the dental filling material, cognitive skills and sleepiness, to name a few, were put into danger. Primarily, the hazardous effects of that amount of exposure are disputed. Though, most countries approved the use of mercury in dental fillings. In such, amalgam use is unhampered in Europe but not all, such as Norway and Sweden, which imposed the usage of amalgam as an illegal act.

There had been hearsays about amalgams triggering health risks, most likely related to allergy, and even to toxicity. Meanwhile, Xpress Dental, known for giving patients ease from casual pain and other guaranteed quality of dental services, served as a reliable researcher keeping the issues of dental amalgam away from a hot pot.

For Xpress Dental, using dental amalgam ensures durability, low- cost and assurance of easiness to use and creates a gap among other substitutes. They compared the amalgam among resin composites and dental porcelain, which averagely last only half of it and much more expensive. Also, a possible subclinical toxic effect of composite resins withdrew a more credible evidence to use the said amalgam.

In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration asserted that "no valid scientific evidence has shown that amalgams cause harm to patients with dental restorations, except in the rare case of allergy".

This statement from reliable source extremely advances the views of Xpress Dental, adding up the conclusion of the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1991 that none of the data presented from researches show a direct hazard to humans from dental amalgams.

Likewise, Xpress Dental believes that amalgam formulations and properties are continually improving as it disputably persisted in the dental profession. For them, giving the patients a lot more sufficiently gratified dental experience is their top priority, allowing their patients to be on an enticing space. With these, one may ensure safety and technologically- advanced teeth operation.

This is not just about the dental amalgam, or any other mixture or definite blend of dentists. It is more of reducing the toothache and going through a painless or even a pain- no- more dental operation.

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