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Dental Art Implant Clinic Home to the Country's Most Successful Dental Implant Procedures

Dental Art Implant Clinic in London have installed over five thousand tooth implants with the highest success rate in the country, and offer these services at competitive prices.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Dental implants are entering the public consciousness as never before, with more people than ever looking to have them fitted instead of fillings or dentures. With a 99.8% success rate, Dental Art Implant Clinic is one of the industry leaders in dental implants, a new alternative to dentures that creates a natural and sustainable long term solution without the need for the same daily sterilisation and maintenance. The implants can even be done to replace whole rows of teeth, and Dental Art Implant Clinic has succeeded in marking this procedure more effective and more affordable than anywhere in the UK.

The company’s website gives a detailed breakdown of where their service really allows for a more affordable implant procedure than anywhere else in the country. The RRP of the services is listed right next to their price, often shaving hundreds of pounds off individual elements of the procedure that could save people thousands on multiple implants.

The practice has also published a free dental implant guide which allows people to set their expectations for the procedure and how to find out what circumstances would be best addressed with an implant over a less invasive procedure. The guide explains exactly how the procedure works and how Dental Art Implant Clinic differs from the competition.

A spokesperson for Dental Art Implant Clinic explained, “We have the industry leading figures because we have industry leading expertise, and dental implants in London, UK are a perfect way to avoid the hassle of dentures and maintain a perfect set of natural looking teeth. With free 0% interest finance available, no hidden costs and an implant and treatment guarantee, there is simply no reason to pay more money to get a worse service somewhere else. We have worked hard to wrap up the market in Dental Implants and that’s how we’ve elevated it from a procedure to an art form.”

About Dental Art Implant Clinic
Dental Art Implant Clinic is a dental clinic in London, UK offering optimal low cost, high quality solutions in dental implants and general and cosmetic dentistry. The practice specialises in dental implants, and over seven years has installed over five thousand tooth implants, with an industry leading 99.8% success rate. For more information please visit: