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Dental Art International of Tijuana Announces Free Exam and Evaluation for Dental Clients

Dental Art International of Tijuana Mexico recently announced to its US-based clients that dental exams and evaluations are free of charge. For the dental patient seeking quality care at an affordable price, dental clinics in Tijuana are often the first choice. Tijuana dentists are well respected and offer some of the best care among Mexican dentists.


Tijuana, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Prices in dental clinics in Tijuana are often one third of the cost of those in the United States and the Tijuana dentists provide most every service available at any US practice. Everything from basic exams to X-rays, to root canals and crowns can be had for a fraction of the cost and the initial exam and evaluation is free of charge. If more extensive work is needed Tijuana has some of the best cosmetic dentists in Mexico.

US residents turn to Tijuana dentists for many reasons and not just the price. Tijuana is very close to the border with California and is just minutes from San Diego. Tijuana dentists have gained a reputation over the years for practicing with honesty and integrity. Many Americans are reluctant to travel outside the country for dental work but the dentists in Tijuana receive great praise from the Americans who have gotten work done at their clinics. Finally, Tijuana dentists offer no charge guarantees for all the work they do so if there is a failure due to a flaw in the material used for example, the patient owes nothing.

Mexican dentists are trained to a very high standard and the clinics are clean and efficient. Any American citizen can rest assured that they will receive excellent care in Tijuana dental clinics. Those interested in learning more can visit the Dental Art International website or call 619.81.9442.

About Dental Art International
Dental Art International is a Mexican dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. The clinic is staffed by highly trained, board certified dentists and the office has been recently remodeled. The dentists at Dental Arts International work with the most modern equipment and provide services in a clean and friendly environment.