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Dental Assistant School AAA School of Dental Assisting Adds New Classes to Its Schedule


Sanford, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- According to financial experts, dental assistants will be one of the fastest growing occupations over the next few years. Many dental offices are looking for qualified assistants, and due to employment growth, this need is predicted to continue for some time. In order to work in the field, people must first go to dental assistant school. Through a combination of classes and hands-on learning opportunities, these programs give students the knowledge and experience they will need to embark on their new career.

For students who are looking for a dental assistant school Orlando Florida area AAA School of Dental Assisting offers an outstanding and easy to follow curriculum combined with quality training that can help people achieve their dreams of working for a dental practice.

The school recently added some new courses to its curriculum. For example, for people who have already been working in the field a minimum of three months, the school offers a dental assistant Expanded Functions certificate—also known as an Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary Certificate or EFDA. In addition, the school is now offering a dental assistant radiology program. Both classes will take place on September 22.

According to an article on the school’s website, there are many reasons why people should consider enrolling at AAAsoda. First, the school offers a unique program that is designed to help students quickly open doors to a new professional career as a dental assistant. Second, students need no prior experience of a college degree to enroll in the program; all that is needed is a high school diploma or GED.

“Students will be expected to work personally with the dentist and run daily operation of a dental office,” an article on the school’s site noted, adding that the instructors and the dentist have been practicing in the dental field for more than 20 years.

“The staff will be there assisting and helping prepare our students for their new career in dental assisting. Our staff is dedicated to produce the top dental assistants in Central Florida.”

People who are interested in learning more about the AAA School of Dental Assisting are welcome to visit the website at any time; there they can read more about the curriculum and schedules, get information about dental assistant school financial aid, and read articles that detail the median hourly earnings of a dental assistant, the expected job benefits, and much more.

About AAA School of Dental Assisting
Based in Sanford, Florida, AAA School of Dental Assisting features a hands-on dental assistant training program designed to allow students to work in the classroom as well as in a dental office. The AAAsoda staff of instructors and dentists offers more than 20 years of professional dental experience, allowing them to provide students with an advanced learning environment. For more information, please visit http://aaasoda.com