Dental Implants: Exciting Improvements on the Horizon


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Researchers are always looking to improve dentistry. One of the latest projects may give us a new strong, lightweight dental implant post that is less expensive than titanium posts. Researchers at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Tijuana are developing a new generation of lightweight dental implants from mixtures of polymers with ceramics.

The material used for an implant post must be strong enough to absorb the stress of the repetitive force of chewing and spare the bone structure from damage. The material should also resist corrosion as well as titanium does. "By optimizing the geometry and consistency of the implants we can ensure that they remain in place longer, but with a lower cost than the titanium implant," said Mauricio Paz González, project collaborator in charge of industrial design.

Juan Antonio Paz González, head of the manufacturing processes of the pieces, commented that a goal is to have the implants coated with vitamin D, because that chemical stimulates production of bone tissue around the piece. This would enhance the stability of the implant. He added that, once the pilot tests are completed, the new pieces will be compared to traditional implant performance.

Luis Villarreal Jesus Gomez, head of research, said that the manufacture of these implants will not only improve the oral health of patients, but also benefit their economy. "Most people who require implants are older adults, who often find it impossible for a transaction of this nature to be affordable," he said. When the new post becomes available, the cost of replacing missing teeth will be reduced and many more people will benefit.

We, at 7 Day Dental, are following these developments with great interest. We look forward to being able to offer the newest type of dental implants to our patients. We hope the research team in Mexico meets with resounding success in the near future.

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