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Dental Implants Hungary Experts of Contident Sees Increase in Dental Travel Patients from U.S. and UK


Budapest, Hungary -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- As Hungary continues to become a leading tourist destination for world travelers and a leading destination for dental tourism, the Hungarian dental treatment experts of Contident are seeing increased dental implant business from American and European travelers to the country and the practice. The dental treatment Hungary specialists of Contident provide a variety of dental treatments with specialization in dental implants and aesthetic dentistry.

With the advance of dental science, millions now have the opportunity for optimal dental health through advanced procedures such as dental implants. Unfortunately, the costs for the highest quality procedures in countries like the U.S. and the UK can be exorbitant. In recent years, Hungary has become a major tourist destination for international travelers. Of equal interest to many of those international travelers is the fact that the country is also a primary destination for high quality advanced dental procedures at a fraction of U.S. and UK costs.

Increasingly known throughout the world and in Hungary as the “Hungarian dental travel experts,” Budapest’s Contident is seeing increased dental tourism from U.S. and UK tourists seeking the superior services of the dental implants Hungary experts. “Our goal is to provide world-class care to our local and international patients,” said a Contident spokesperson. “While our highly experienced staff as well as quality workmanship and materials are the primary reason we treat over 2,000 patients a year, we have also created a friendly customer service-oriented practice that caters to international dental tourist travelers.”

According to a recent article in the Budapest Business Journal, Hungary commands as much as 40 percent of the continent’s dental tourism business with one in five people looking for dental treatments abroad choosing Hungary. The article further states that a report from the Hungarian central tax bureau NAV shows that about 500 of the 2,600 domestic dental clinics or companies deals with a high proportion of foreign patients.

U.S. and UK patients can save anywhere from two thirds on the cost of dental implants to well over half the cost for a variety of dental procedures with the dental treatment Budapest practice. International patients can send their panoramic x-rays to Contident and the dental implants Budapest experts will prepare and send a detailed treatment plan with costs within three working days.

Travel and hotel arrangement support as well as free airport pickup and shuttle service are all part of their advanced support services. “We pride ourselves on giving every client a wonderful smile with the latest tools and techniques in a friendly and comfortable environment in the heart of Budapest,” said the spokesperson. For more information, please visit http://www.contident.com/

About Contident
Contident provides dental treatment in Budapest Hungary—one of the best countries for dental implants in Europe. Contident is highly experienced in a variety of dental procedures and specialises in dental implants and aesthetic dentistry. Known as the “Hungarian dental travel experts,” the clinic assists international patients in all aspects of travel, accommodations and diagnosis with most procedures costing a fraction of those performed in the U.S. and UK. Their experienced staff as well as high quality workmanship and materials enable them to attract and treat more than 2,000 patients every year.