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Dental Implants in Tijuana Costs a Lot Less Than in Other Industrialized Countries


Tijuana, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- Studies show dental implants in Tijuana cost a lot less than in other countries. A quick price comparison reveals that American consumers can save more than fifty percent on certain services while other services are completely free. The doctors at the Dental Art International clinic strive to provide extreme value at the lowest possible cost which translates to big savings for Americans.

The cost of visiting a dentist in the United States continues to rise and each year American consumers pay more for the same treatments. A large number of insurance companies have discontinued to pay for certain treatments which only adds to the out-of-pocket costs consumers must pay for routine dental care. With prices rising and insurance companies cutting corners, it’s no wonder thousands of Americans are getting their dental implants in Mexico.

Tijuana is only a short drive or bus ride from the San Diego border which makes it more appealing to those who live in California, but many more Americans are jumping on planes to get their treatments in Mexico and to take a short vacation. Nowadays, everyone wants affordable dental implants as the need to look perfect is closely related to self-esteem and self-confidence.

The quality of care in Tijuana dental clinics is comparable to those in the United States. The primary dentist at the Dental Art International clinic is Dr. Humberto Miyano. He has many years of experience and consistently participates in ongoing training seminars and courses which allow him to stay current with new procedures and technology.

Dr. Miyano performs general and cosmetic dentistry and he’s trained to perform dental implants, root canals and a host of other procedures all of which are low priced. Currently, a dental implants at the clinic costs only $750 while American doctors charge more than $1,200.

About Dental Art International
Dental Art International is a Mexican dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. It is staffed by highly trained, board certified dentists. Our office has been recently remodeled, and you will find that it is very nice and has modern equipment. You can see by the photos scattered through our website that we have very nice facilities. Our dentists are certified by the Mexican board of dentistry and are licensed to do dentistry in Mexico.