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Dental Lasers Market to Ride on Back of Growing Dental Education Programs That Incorporate Lasers

The salient characteristics of marked precision and versatility of lasers are nudging dentists to support the mainstreaming of lasers in dentistry


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2020 -- The salient characteristics of marked precision and versatility of lasers are nudging dentists to support the mainstreaming of lasers in dentistry. The dental lasers market has evolved on the back of growing clinical potential of these equipment for a range of applications involving hard and soft tissue procedures. Continuous research in expanding the application of lasers in dental practice over the past five decades has shaped the evolution of the market, notes TMR Research.

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Growth in dental lasers market has also hinged on growing demand for non-invasive surgical tools in patient populations. Forthcoming years will stridently see new surgical technologies and tools based on laser gathering currency in the treatment of gum diseases. Dentists, world over, who want to offer patients the benefits of suture-less surgery and rapid healing will be early adopters of laser dentistry. Developed nations in particular have seen dental education programs promoting the clinical potential, hence imparting impetus to expansion of dental lasers market.

Dentists Leveraging Benefits of Comfort, Safety, and Specificity in Dental Procedures

Recent years have seen growing use of dental lasers in wide range of hard tissue applications. The dentistry industry world over in coming years will harness the benefits of the troika of process specificity, overall cost, and patients comfort. This will drive new avenues for manufacturers of dental lasers to expand their footprints in emerging economies.

Growing clinical potential of dental lasers in the treatment of moderate-to-severe periodontal disease will spur investments in product development in the dental lasers market. Advancing electronics and design in dental lasers will help them form a key part of modern dental practice in the coming few years. A case in point is in semiconductor diodes technology. The trend of continuous technological improvements in lasers in general has also raised expectations for patients. This, in turn, is propelling the demand for dental lasers in a large array of procedures. These include including caries prevention, bleaching, cavity preparation, dentinal hypersensitivity cure, removal of hyperplastic tissue, and soft tissue wound healing.

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Increasing Regulatory Approvals Boosting Marketing of Proprietary Dental Laser Systems

Prominent regulators notably the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in recent years have given clearance to an assortment of new laser technologies tailored for specific applications. Initiatives by medical device companies to market proprietary dental laser systems in developed countries have borne favourable results. Relentless focus on patient friendliness has strengthened such efforts, thereby expanding the potential for innovations in the dental lasers market. This will also boost the efforts of dentists to manage non-surgical periodontitis.

Over the past few years, clinical indications for the use of dental laser have expanded. Patients with pacemakers and implants are accepting the use of dental lasers. Growing uptake of laser education for dentists has cemented the potential of the dental lasers market. The training has helped them understand the specific biological effects of dental lasers. In recent years, patients in a few developed countries are increasingly reaping the benefits of laser from the inclusion of the technology in root canal treatment. The incorporation of dental lasers have helped improving the outcomes of root canal procedures in various endodontic procedures, thereby boosting revenue generation in the dental lasers market. Further, developed regions such as North America and to some extent developing regions of the world will see the use of dental lasers in cosmetics dentistry.

Some of the well-entrenched players hoping to get a stronghold in the dental lasers market are Fotona D.D., Dentsply Sirona, Danaher Corporation, and Biolase, Inc.

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