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Dental Marketing Ninjas Launches Free Consultations in Light of Growing Dental Field

Marketing company promotes strengths of dental practices vying for local patients


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Based on statistics from the dental industry, an estimated 200,000 dental practices are in operation across the United States with approximately 4,000 new dentists entering the field each year. While this is welcome news for those in need of more readily accessible dental care, it places greater emphasis on the importance of effective marketing for dentists. In light of this development, Sean Daily, founder of Dental Marketing Ninjas, has launched the company's latest offering of free marketing consultations for dental practices.

Daily explained, "Some businesses reach for prominence on a global level, but the journey is much different for dental practices. Their success is based on local recognition; unfortunately, so is that of their competitors. Our role is to help our clients set themselves apart from the other practices in their area. Through our free marketing consultations we can determine their strengths and weaknesses and how to proceed with a marketing plan. As an added bonus, we are also offering complimentary copies of our exclusive ebook, The Ultimate Guide To Dental Marketing."

A number of elements contribute to the effectiveness of this type of campaign. The process essentially begins with creating a distinctive and user friendly website functioning on both traditional and mobile platforms. Through extensive research, the staff of Dental Marketing Ninjas has developed an SEO system specifically tuned to the needs and expectations of those searching for dental services. Video marketing enhances these efforts, providing a short but descriptive depiction of the practice catering to a society that has grown accustomed to speed and simplicity.

Social media marketing provides an outlet through which local businesses are able to remain connected with their current client base while making their presence known to those who will likely need their services in the future. Word of mouth continues to be the most effective form of advertising though on a far more widespread scale due to the advent of social media. Dental Marketing Ninjas employs Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for these purposes.

While making its presence known to the local public is vital to a dental office, creating and maintaining a positive image is equally important. Reputation management and marketing aid in achieving these goals. History dictates a patient is more inclined to share a negative incident than a positive one; moreover, an unhappy patient is more likely to post a negative review on a practice's website than to mention grievances to the staff before leaving the office.

Through improved avenues of communication with patients, dentists can intercept an offended patient and make efforts to reverse the situation. Additionally, patients are urged to post their positive experiences. By amassing reviews from satisfied patients and thwarting damaging complaints, dental practices can sustain the glowing reputation they build through providing exemplary care, boosting their online presence and creating strong ties with current and potential patients.

Concluded Daily, "We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients stand out from their competitors by creating an online image that accurately reflects the unique qualities they have to offer patients in their area. By focusing on the dental industry, we are able to develop streamlined strategies that work for our clients. Once a marketing campaign has been deployed, we continue to provide support to ensure our clients are able to maintain their new-found status."

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