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Curtis Group Announces Dental SEO Domination Program

Dental Internet marketing is no longer about just getting the practice's web site on the first page of Google searches. Now, the First Page Domination program brings practice videos, press releases, Google plus pages, and supporting web sites to the first page of Google.


St. Joseph, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- The rules of the game have changed for dental practices that are marketing for new patients by using online marketing. Because of Google's relentless pursuit to index all of the information on the internet for its viewers, it is now necessary to create and optimize dental practice videos, press releases, curated dentist review web sites, special support web sites, dental blogs and even photos. Simply having your web site appear on the first page of search results may no longer be enough.

Using Google's new indexing parameters, each and every one of these online marketing tools for dental practices is eligible to appear on the first page of search engine results. In fact, the First Page Domination program is designed specifically to not only optimize each of these elements, but to have them appear on search engine results in multiples. Therefore, a search for "cosmetic dentist Irvine" would ideally bring up a dental practice's cosmetic video on YouTube, its website, its latest press release about a difficult cosmetic case, and its curated online reviews web site: all on the first page of Google's search results. In addition, the dental practice's Google+ page would appear in the top seven listings of Google Places (maps) for that search term.

"Given that online search has become the #1 source of new dental patients for many dental practices, it's logical to assume that having five listings on the first page of search results will produce more click-throughs for the dental practice. Even if the viewer clicks to a YouTube video posted by the practice, the odds are good that they will continue on to the web site if they like what they have seen," explains Mark Curtis, President, Curtis Group.

Curtis Group not only offers the optimization of dental online marketing tools, it also creates and produces them for the dental practice. A number of packages are available that encompass various levels of optimization for the dental practice's desktop web site, YouTube videos, press releases, niche support web sites, curated online reviews web site, Google+ listing, Yahoo Local listing, Bing Local listing and proprietary images.