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Dental Patients' Frequently Asked Questions and Fears Clarified by the Best Dentist in Edinburg TX

Dentists are always found to be fearsome by almost every child, a number of teens and perhaps a few adults too. In fact, experts assume that the fear of going to the dentist equates to that of the rates of individuals who fear heights or snakes. In reality, are they really that terrifying?


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- To soothe and alleviate the fears that one is having towards the dentists - our gums’ and teeth’s best friends, here are the clarifications on the frequently asked questions and fears that the best dentist in Edinburg TX is hearing.

Due to technological advancements make the execution of dental works a lot more comfortable, quick and durable. Taking proper care of the teeth is rewarding, it gives one a healthy, beautiful smile and an extra kick of confidence.

Here are some of the frequent questions that dentists are hearing from their patients:

I’m scared of going to the dentist, what should I do?

Anxiety and fear drove patients away from the dentists. Though, it is important to instill in one’s mind that dentistry has come very far and there are actually ways that these experts can make one’s visit very comfortable. There are dental clinics that offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation and even IV sedation. Sedation dentistry is a safe way that makes every patient’s visit comfortable during the execution of the dental work. This enables the patients to maintain consciousness in a state of deep relaxation. Some patients even doze off during their appointment.

Is it really necessary to wear metal brace in order to correct the alignment of my teeth?

The orthodontic solution for everyone may vary depending on the experts’ diagnosis. For some it may be mandatory to wear traditional metal braces. For others, veneers or invisible braces may be an option.

Veneers look, feel and function like a natural tooth, in addition that in conceals stains, gaps and chips in one’s smile. DURAthin are as thin as contact lenses, it’s very convenient and comfortable to use for it requires no drilling or shaving of the tooth and lasts roughly for 29 years.

Invisible braces are a series of custom made plastic aligners. These aligners are replaced every three weeks, each series gradually straightens the teeth. Also, these aligners can be removed for meals and are more comfortable to wear as compared to traditional braces.

Is it normal to have bleeding gums?

Fact: Healthy gums do not bleed. The usual treatment for bleeding gums is deep cleaning, however it is always a dentist’s mindset to dig deep and identify the underlying issue. After some science based techniques, experts do a full mouth disinfection and bring the gums to its correct PH level, there are instances that customized rinses will be applied. Most gum surgeries can be avoided through this method.

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