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Dental Wellness of Westlake Village Introduces Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Perfect Choice for Nervous Patients


Westlake Village, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2012 -- Sedation dentistry can take the stress out of dentist visits by providing a sedative, either orally or intravenously, that helps patients relax. For very nervous patients, or those who must endure particularly difficult dental services, sedation dentistry can make all the difference.

Imagine being able to sit in the dentist chair with no fear, no anxiety and very little – if any – pain. That is what sedation dentistry offers. Patients who use sedation dentistry will benefit by being more relaxed and comfortable. The dental services will be easier to perform, because the patient’s gag reflex will be under control and nervous patients won’t be resisting what the dentist is trying to do. Most patients will have no memory of the procedure. Also, complicated dental work that would normally take several sessions can often be completed in just one visit.

Dr. Robert Freeman of Dental Wellness of Westlake Village offers sedation dentistry for complicated procedures, or for particularly nervous patients. Dr. Freeman always wants to ensure the safety of his patients and typically brings in an anesthesiologist when using sedation dentistry. Those wanting more information about sedation dentistry can visit or contact Dr. Freeman at 818-879-7480.

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Since graduating from dental school in 1986, Dr. Robert Freeman has been helping patients maintain the best dental health possible. He uses sedation dentistry anytime he feels it will be beneficial to his patients. Dr. Freeman understands the importance of dental wellness as it relates to overall physical health. He has helped thousands improve their confidence by improving their smiles. Dr. Freeman practices dentistry in the Conejo Valley.