Dentist Discloses 5 Tips to Master Healthy Teeth for Kids


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- Summer is definitely coming to town and parents will have much more to be worried about than just plainly what to be done with their restless but bored children amid the long scorching days of the year. Adults also have to be very concerned about whatever kids are munching when they do head to attend classic summer activities. Just recently, an article by a mother was published by the Washington Post who explicated that she recently took her kids to the dentist, and the dentist warned the mother that the summer season is the time for worst cavity attacks because of all the unhealthy food that are being eaten during summer activities.

There is why, that food that have high sugar content give energy and fuel for the bad bacteria that cause tooth decay, and the summer tends to be so much filled with movies, sports activities, carnivals and many other places where sugar-filled food stuff play a dominant role. Moreover, most of the children brush their teeth as if they are in some kind of race to determine who brushes the speediest, which cause them to miss candy bits leftovers that stuck in their poor, brittle, young teeth and make them prone to more complicated dental health problems.

Though summer fun is never inevitable, parents can do something for their kids' dental situation be saved before it gets worse. Below are the 5 tricks in keeping the kids' teeth healthy this summer.

Tip 1. Changing child's breakfast rituals this summer. Cereals that are sugar-based are something that almost all youngsters adore, but they do damage the teeth. Many kids brush their teeth prior to eating breakfast instead of doing it after, so the sugars from their morning meal stay on their teeth until they brush them again at night. This is why kids' parents must consider providing their sweet, little angels breakfast cereal that has lower quantities of sugar in it.

Tip 2. When going to a favorite carnival or theme park, avoid burgers, french fries, soft pretzels, hot dog buns and other starchy food because these can be converted into sugars by saliva and can probably cause tooth cavity problems. Instead, try to bring your own snack boxes for assurance not just from the threat of tooth cavity but also avoidance to possible food poisoning. Never know. Better safe than sorry.

Tip 3. Brush and floss. When going out for summer picnics, do not dare forget to bring family toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. By this way, parentd will be assured that the kids will be surely brushing their teeth. And remember, be an example to the kids. What do kids see, they imitate it.

Tip 4. Go natural. Instead of giving the child concentrated juice mixes when attending summer activities, give them water instead. Recent study reveals that concentrated juices are not recommended for kids especially with regards to the sugars that might stick between your kids' teeth. Go for water, not just thirst-quenching, but truly safe for the children.

Tip 5. Pay a Visit to your Dentist
According to Dr. Joel H. Berg, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, "Early intervention can prevent cavities." This is absolutely true. Your kids should meet their dentist upon the eruption of first tooth or when he reaches one year old.

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