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Dentist in Flushing, NY Launches Education Campaign Prompted by Surge in Tooth Decay

Promoting prevention through education is key to mediating widespread oral health issues, publishes


Flushing, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- Statistics from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reveal 92 percent of adults experience some level of tooth decay with an estimated 25 percent of those going untreated. While the latter is generally attributed to lack of access to dental care, the former tends to stem from simple undue attention to oral maintenance. With this mind, Flushing Dentist Dr. Peter Rumack has launched his practice's latest patient education campaign.

Said Dr. Rumack, "Preventive measures go far beyond professional cleanings; in fact, those twice-annual appointments are our opportunities to check for any potential problems. The x-rays we perform during scheduled visits provide insight into whether or not decay, gum disease, infections and other issues may be developing. Catching these common situations early typically means treatment is far less complicated and costly."

In many cases, decay detected in its earliest stages can be mediated with a simple filling. This process entails drilling away the affected portion of a tooth as well as a minuscule amount of healthy surrounding tissue; then, the newly created void is packed with tooth-colored resin to be tempered using a specialized UV system. Should decay be allowed to progress without treatment, a root canal may be required.

During a root canal procedure, the tooth's pulp is surgically removed. Though the outer portion of the tooth remains intact, it will be filled with resin and sealed. This eliminates the risk of future infection as well as resulting pain. In the event damage is too extensive to be remedied using either of these methods, a sturdy protective covering known as a crown may be necessary.

Further along the chain of progression, tooth loss may occur either naturally or by surgical extraction. Once this takes place, missing teeth can lead to difficulties with speech, nutritional deficiencies and alteration of outward facial features. Treatment at this level often requires bridges, dentures or implants providing gum and bone tissue are healthy and stable enough to support these apparatuses.

Dr. Rumack concluded, "Plenty of practices stress the importance of pediatric dental care, but we want patients to understand oral health is just as crucial for adults as for children. Scheduling routine cleanings every six months is key in preventing the pain and health issues often resulting from lack of treatment. Patients are encouraged to ask questions during their visits with us, and for those times between appointments with a Dentist in Flushing NY, we also offer helpful blog posts for more information. Our goal is to promote prevention through education."

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