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Dentist in Tijuana Offers Quality Treatment at Less than Half the Cost of American Dentists


Tijuana, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Americans consumers can save a lot of money on their dental treatments by visiting a dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. The Implant Art Center in Tijuana maintains a schedule of prices that are less than half of what American dentists charge their clients. A simple cleaning at the Implant Art Center is currently priced at $35 while an American dentist will charge well over $150 for the same treatment.

An exam and evaluation which includes a panoramic x-ray is currently priced at $39 at the Implant Art Center whereas the average price at an American doctor’s office will cost more than $160. That is less than half the cost and it’s a very good reason for Americans to begin receiving their dental care in Mexico.

Dental implants also cost a lot less at the Implant Art Center and it’s one of the specialties at the clinic. In fact, the doctors at the clinic have performed more than 2,500 implants on American patients most of which return to the clinic to have additional work performed. Many of their patients also take a friend or family member with them on their visits and they make a short vacation out of the trip.

“I highly recommend the Implant Art Center in Tijuana. They are extremely professional and I know I’m getting quality work done at less than half the price my American doctor used to charge me. Plus, my husband and I make a mini-vacation out of the visit. We travel around Tijuana and see the sites and of the course we go to the beach.” – Amy Johnson

Americans who live in San Diego and other cities in Southern California can benefit the most by using the Implant Art Center for their dental needs. Tijuana is not very far from San Diego which means a trip for a dental appointment will only take about half a day. Most of the patients at the clinic receive treatment right away so there isn’t a lot of time wasted sitting in the waiting room.

The Implant Art Center employees four highly trained and qualified dental professionals all of which have advanced degrees. The clinic also employees a dental assistant and most of the staff in the office speak English which is a plus for Americans who don’t speak any Spanish.

About Implant Art Center
We have a highly trained staff at Implant Art Center, and Dr. Arnulfo Vazquez is at the top of his field. He is a perfectionist, requiring top quality dental work of all the staff. Please read more about Dr. Vazquez, and his credentials by visiting the clinic’s website.