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Dentists Collect Launches New Industry Specialist Debt Collection Service for Dental Practices helps dental practices recover lost revenue, and has published a new editorial on why using their service is the best way to ensure a positive return on investment.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Dentists in America offer a world leading service, and that service inevitably comes at a cost. As with any service provision, the unfortunate reality is that not everyone pays what they should, and loss of revenue from bad clients can damage an otherwise thriving dental office. Equally, chasing up these debts can distract from providing a good service to good clients, harming the practice's chances for growth. Dentists Collect is a new service specializing in recovery of lost revenue for dental practices, and has launched a website replete with articles designed to help dentists make a wise investment.

The new dental collection agency website is beautifully designed to be minimal and intuitive, offering dentists the opportunity to receive a free quote on the cost of debt recovery services. The recovery service will always create a significant return on investment by leveraging a firm but professional approach with a thorough understanding and application of the law.

The free quote takes just minutes to request and could result in thousands pouring back into a practice. The dental debt collection agency site also has newly published editorials on what differentiates a specialist debt collection and revenue recovery service from the more general services available, helping the company illustrate their unique advantages to their potential clients.

A spokesperson for Dentists Collect explained, "Investing in our services is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to ensure debt collection is done comprehensively and within the constraints that apply to this particular industry. We do not want practices to seem punitive, we help ensure that their reputation is maintained by being firm but fair throughout the process and getting the money owed in a timely manner. The process we undertake is completely unique and specialized to this industry, making us the ideal choice for anyone seeking debt collection services within the dental sphere."

About Dentists Collect
Dentists Collect is a specialist debt collection agency for the dental industry, offering to help dentists collect unpaid bills and lost revenue in a firm but professional manner, with expert insight into the rights and responsibilities of dentists to ensure prompt repayment. Their new website has been designed to enable dentists to get a free quote on these revenue recovery services.

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