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Dentists in Auckland Launch Efforts to Emphasize the Value of Patient Form Accuracy

Providing thorough and accurate information on dental forms can ensure the safest and highest quality of oral care possible, publishes


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2014 -- Recently released statistics from the dental field reveal an estimated 53 percent of patients omit facts about their general health when filling out forms for their dentists. Patients indicate the bulk of such omissions pertain to medical conditions as well as medications currently being taken. On a related note, a limited industry study shows an increase of approximately 150 cases of health complications following dental care relating to these same categories. In an effort to help thwart these occurrences, Steven Brown of Dentists in Auckland has launched the practice's latest efforts to educate the public regarding the relevance of medications and overall health to dental care.

Brown elaborated, "While many patients are aware there is a link between certain medical conditions and oral health, few understand the nature of these connections. Some oral issues may exacerbate other medical problems; at the same time, specific conditions may negatively impact dental health. Medications taken to counteract illnesses can also lead to complications during and after dental procedures. Being as thorough as possible when answering our questionnaires is vital."

Those who have, or are at risk for developing, heart disease and high blood pressure need to be particularly cautious when it comes to their oral health. Bacteria known to be present with gum disease can also enter patients' bloodstreams, causing infections in other areas of the body. They can also lead to a greater likelihood of stroke and heart attack.

Although gum disease is the primary cause of increased oral bacteria, dry mouth is the second leading cause. Dry mouth can be brought about by a number of factors; however, some common medications are the most notorious culprits. Approximately 60 percent of the population currently takes some form of anti-depressant, and an even greater number of people regularly rely on antihistamines. Medications widely used to treat Parkinson's disease and high blood pressure are also growing in popularity. All these can can lead to decreased saliva, which in turn, allows an increase in oral bacteria growth.

Blood thinners and aspirin used to combat high blood pressure and heart disease are responsible for a large percentage of the complications occurring as a result of dental treatment. These medications can cause exaggerated blood loss during a surgical extraction, root canal auckland or other such procedures. Patients suffering from diabetes may also find themselves at an increased risk for excessive blood loss during dental treatments.

Concluded Brown, "These are only a few of the instances in which extreme caution should be exercised. Even antacids and some pain medications can cause oral problems and complications during dental treatment. We are fully equipped to provide treatment to all patients regardless of what they may be suffering from, but it is imperative we know beforehand all conditions they are dealing with and any medications they may be taking. By working together with patients, we can ensure safe and proper dental care to everyone whether extracting decayed teeth and prepping for dentures or performing a simple teeth whitening auckland procedure."

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