Curtis Group

Dentists Receive Prestigious Awards in Graphic Design USA's 2012 Competition

Graphic Design USA, the leading graphic design journal in the US, just announced the winners of it's 47th annual competition to find the best examples of top-quality design across the United States. Curtis Group, a marketing company serving dental practices and dental support businesses in the US and Canada, received top honors for eleven submitted projects.


St. Joseph, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- The editors of Graphic Design USA explain that the annual design competition is, "open to every one in the design community: advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporate, institutional and publishing inhouse departments, and more. The program honors outstanding new work of all kinds: print, packaging, point-of-purchase, internet, interactive and motion graphics. Winners will receive a Certificate of Excellence for each piece selected and will be featured in the Graphic Design USA Awards Annual on GD-USA's website."

Although the total count varies, tens of thousands of entries in twenty-two categories are submitted to GD-USA each year. The total number of entries judged and named as winners also varies, but only 1% - 1.5% of all entries are awarded certificates.

It's to be noted that of the hundreds of clients' projects that Curtis Group has submitted through the years, over 11% of those entries have been awarded top honors. Curtis Group's winning entries can be viewed on their National Awards Gallery website page.

Curtis Group's 21012 winning clients include:

- Dr. Thomas Lambert of Bethlehem, PA... awarded for his desk top website
- The Christian Dental Society... awarded for their desk top website
- Dr. Frank Stone of Irvine, CA... awarded for two Coast Magazine print ads
- Dr. Karen Williamson of Rockwall, TX... awarded for her patient gift bag
- Dr. Theodore Baer and Dr. Randolph Nartea of Tacoma, WA... awarded for their desk top website
- Dr. Keith Ogawa and Dr. Rania Haddad of Eagle Point, OR... awarded for their smart phone website
- Dr. Joseph Sullivan of Sycamore, IL... awarded for his smart phone website
- Dr. Michael Appleton of Slidell, LA... awarded for his smart phone website
- Dr. Eddie Longman of Alexandria, VA... awarded for his desk top website
- Dental Consultant Jay White... awarded for his business development promotional piece

Mark Curtis, President, Curtis Marketing Group, reflected, "It's an honor for us and for our clients that we can enter, and take home top awards in some very competitive categories, in a competition that includes many of the top agencies in the United States like Saatchi and Saatchi, BBD&O, and Ogilvy One, each of which represents billions of dollars in annual client billings." He continued, "It just demonstrates that top-quality marketing isn't only available to the Budweisers and Capital Ones of the world. Even small dental practices can get great marketing."