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Denver Auto Accident Attorney Mark A. Simon Releases Helpful Information for Accident Victims


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Recognized for providing distinguished legal counsel in cases involving personal injury, Denver auto accident attorney Mark A. Simon recently announced that his firm has released a statement about the proper ways for people to handle being in an accident. While this can be a stressful and emotional situation, it is important for victims to remember the steps they need to take in order to be compensated for any injuries or damage to their property that may have occurred.

As long as no one is seriously injured, the first and most important matter to attend to is moving both vehicles to the side of the road to ensure that no further harm comes to either party due to collisions with oncoming traffic.

Next, the police should be contacted immediately so they can investigate the accident, take statements from other drivers and witnesses, and file an official report that can be used as evidence in court, should a lawsuit arise. Failure to call police can result in a lack of evidence at a hearing and could allow the perpetrator to change his or her story following consultation with insurance adjustors and friends and family.

After the police have been contacted, drivers should call their insurance companies to report the accident so their adjustors can start working on the claim immediately. Once this step is complete, drivers should exchange information such as their insurance details, full name, telephone, address, driver’s license number and license plate number.

Finally, it is important to seek medical attention even if the accident does not appear to have caused immediate bodily harm. Sometimes serious injuries can be difficult to detect even for the person who has sustained them. Waiting to receive medical attention can increase the level of risk a person faces, and it opens the door for the defense to argue in court that the accident was not severe enough to warrant medical attention.

Denver car accident lawyer Mark A. Simon possesses extensive experience before appellate courts, including the Colorado Supreme court, and he never gives up the fight for justice on behalf of his clients. “When you are involved in a Denver auto accident, your life can come crashing down around you with pain, mounting medical bills and slow recovery. Mark A. Simon, an expert Denver auto accident attorney, is here to help and fight for your rights,” an article on the Mark A. Simon Attorney at Law website noted.

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