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Denver Furniture Store Colorado Style Home Furnishings Offers Tips on How to Take Care of Furniture


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2012 -- As most interior decorators know quite well, nothing will improve the look and feel of a room quite like the right pieces of furniture. From couches and coffee tables to beds, desks and more, furniture should be both stylish and comfortable.

The owners of Denver furniture stores Colorado Style Home Furnishings understand how important beautifully-crafted furniture is to their customers. That is why, since the day the family owned and operated furniture stores in Denver opened for business in 1992, they have prided themselves on offering their customers a diverse collection of furniture for the entire home that is both extremely attractive and well-made.

For customers who are looking for fashionable furniture stores Denver based Colorado Style Home Furnishings has developed a well-deserved reputation as one-stop shop for quality and distinctive items that are inspired by some of the finest homes throughout Europe and America.

The owners of the Denver furniture store also know how crucial it is to take proper care of handcrafted furniture once it has been brought home. That is why they recently released a list of 10 tips that will help homeowners know exactly what they should do to ensure that their furniture will last for years to come.

For example, where the furniture is placed in a room can have a direct effect on the wood and other materials used to make the various pieces.

“Furniture should be placed at least 2 feet away from air conditioning and heating vents,” the article explained, adding that homeowners should also use a shield on their vents if necessary.

Because direct sun is the enemy of fabric, leather and wood, it is also a good idea to close the blinds or drapes during the day if furniture is near a sunny window. Placing furniture in the direct sunlight or too close to fireplaces or heaters will cause the wood to dry out and can negatively impact its appearance.

In addition, regular dusting is critical to maintaining the look of wood furniture. Dust not only looks unattractive, it can also attract moisture which can ruin the furniture. A silicone-free furniture polish and soft cloth are all that is needed to keep furniture dust-free and beautiful. Homeowners should also vacuum their upholstered items with a soft brush and always take the time to blot any spills before they set into the fabric.

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Colorado Style Home Furnishings features a wide selection of beautiful furniture made from only the finest natural materials. The staff at the Denver-area stores, which opened for business in 1992, offer outstanding customer service combined with a vast knowledge of both furniture and style. For more information, please visit http://www.coloradostyle.com