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Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- After the rise in popularity of WordPress’ improved new version, every respectable Denver internet marketing company can attest to the advantages of using the CMS for building a huge variety of different websites and making them compliant with the newest internet marketing standards of the day. Despite the highly competitive market and the numerous high end options available when it comes to content management and e-commerce platforms, WordPress still remains on top of the charts in almost every statistic related to the subject.

The experts from City Web, a reputable Denver internet marketing company which provides high end SEO and web development solutions, have stated that, while the CMS has only started out as a simple blog platform in the past, the newest tendencies and trends regarding SEO and the quick implementation of customized, module based coding have caused many web development experts to see WordPress programming as a great opportunity when it comes to creating advanced websites and web applications.

Combining high level HTML, Javascript and PHP code with onsite SEO methods geared to provide a higher level of recognition for websites aspiring to reach notable positions in SERPs often requires fast, high performance coding.

This has led to many Denver internet marketing company owners to consider the creation of unique websites from scratch to be more or less unfeasible. The result was that CMS platforms such as WordPress started being used on an increasing basis as the main method for obtaining quality, well-designed websites.

Today, about 54.7 % of all known websites that are based on a CMS platform are known to have been created using WordPress, and the fact that over 96 % of these have been updated to the newest version leads to believe that most of them are doing quite well in terms of functionality and performance.

The developers from City Web explain that there are a number of factors that would lead to these statistics being so much in favor of the well-known CMS platform.

First of all, search engines love WordPress. The platform comes with a variety of features specially designed to comply with all known search engine standards for onsite SEO and to notify the most popular search engines when the blog or website has been modified, so that all updates become immediately visible.

Secondly, with its easy to use, plug-in and theme based functionality, WordPress allows the design and functional features of any website to be easily modified and updated, which minimizes the time required for web developers to change various parts of code or add new functional sections to a web page.

With all this in mind, numerous Denver internet marketing company owners have actively started to promote the changes in their service policies, focusing all attention on CMS-based websites.

Even though literally all CMS platforms, including WordPress, are basically a work in progress, as City Web Company representatives explain, this new trend shift is likely to bring many more experienced web developers to the WordPress community ,which will increase technological development and ultimately lead to more and more advanced websites and web applications.

The professionals working at City Web Company also claim that website owners all around the world are generally far more pleased with the high end capabilities of a CMS platform than the limited options they get from regular websites, which is also an extremely important point that Denver internet marketing company owners should consider in the future.

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