Nick Lynn Technologies, Inc

Nick Lynn Technologies, Inc. Investor Files $8.8 Billion Suit Against U.S. Department of Homeland Securities et al


Little Rock, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- An investor in Nick Lynn Technologies (NLT) has filed a lawsuit against multiple federal agencies, corporations and state agency and government individuals for $8.8 billion. The lawsuit claims the Defendants conspired purposefully in a tortuous act to direct false claims and fraudulent misrepresentations in concert with an implicit pattern involving private enterprises of Defendants to defame, defraud, deceive and injure the Plaintiff, the public, and Nick Lynn Technologies Inc. The Plaintiff is demanding a jury trial. The case filed in U.S. District Court Eastern Division of Arkansas May 18, 2012.

Plaintiff believes Defendants working tacitly with the United States Department of the Treasury and Defendant accomplices acting in concert are responsible for unjust defamation of NLT and Lendell Earl Hillhouse causing great financial loss to the NLT Investors generally and Plaintiff specifically. Defendants should be made jointly and individually responsible to compensate NLT, Lendell Earl Hillhouse, NLT Investors generally and Plaintiff specifically for lost revenues generally and specifically investments of Plaintiff over these past four (4) years.

Plaintiff believes Federal and State representatives systematically and maliciously used government positions and powers of government offices to keep Lendell Earl Hillhouse, Sr. from implementing his copyrighted Nick Lynn Technologies Business Plans. Plaintiff believes such actions allowed United States government agencies, their commissioners, boards of directors, and assigned officials to plagiarize, without authority or permission, copyrighted Business Plans of Nick-Lynn Technologies Inc. and Lendell Earl Hillhouse, depriving its Investors generally and Plaintiff specifically enormous financial returns thus depriving many Investors generally and Plaintiff specifically the ability to bring assistance to deprived citizens.

Plaintiff further learned that a U. S. Senator attempted to plagiarize the copyrighted NLT Business Plan writing a United States Senate "Bill” attempting to pass it off as the Senator's own idea until confronted, could not answer basic questions about the plan by the co sponsoring Senator and subsequently, the Senator requested name removal from the bill.

Plaintiff asserts Defendants have stifled the individual efforts of Lendell Earl Hillhouse, Sr. and NLT economically through tacit espionage and stolen known copyrighted and proprietary materials. The lawsuit claims the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the lone agency to protect United States citizens specifically from terrorism, deprived NLT, Lendell Earl Hillhouse, Sr., NLT Investors generally and Investor Plaintiff specifically, their rightful revenues by not protecting their Civil Rights. Defendants should be held to the highest standard of the law and ordered pay NLT Investors generally, Plaintiff specifically, NLT, and Lendell Earl Hillhouse, Sr. for copyright infringement, deprivation of civil rights and false calms . The lawsuit claims Government agents and their assigns have worked in concert with private enterprises causing harm and damages to NLT, Lendell Earl Hillhouse, NLT Investors generally and Investor Plaintiff specifically,

Investor, Plaintiff, states the Defendants are not above the law, all awards should be trebled damages and free of any encumbered taxation to Plaintiff specifically, and any awards due NLT Investors generally, and NLT and Lendell Earl Hillhouse, Sr. as to not forgive such taxation is to lessen the award substantially and Defenadants should be made to Pay for the Costs of to defend and prosecute the Rights of Plaintiff.