Am I Depressed

Depression Erodes Quality of Life of Sufferers

“Why am I depressed?” need not be a haunting question


Tigard, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- All of us without exception have one time or other in our lives would have felt depressed. It may just have been a passing phase or sometimes, though rarely, it would have lingered on a bit longer than was good or reassuring for our self confidence and esteem. Such a predicament would certainly have made us ask ourselves why am I depressed.

According to psychiatrists and psychologists whose business it is to ponder over the mysteries of the human mind and brain, depression, like happiness is essentially a state of mind. It is a mental illness that makes people pathologically sad and melancholic. A person experiencing depression or heading for a manic depressive state may not even be aware that he is falling into an abyss from which only professional help can pull him up. Sometimes this state is so common place that many of us would have been asked by acquaintances,” Are you depressed?” and think nothing of it. But it becomes a serious problem when the feeling of lowness is persistent and begins to interfere with the daily life of the affected person.

Depression is physical and emotional problem that seriously impairs daily activities of the affected person. Medical or clinical depression is a constant feeling of sadness and indifference and fatally affects the way the patient thinks and behaves. Depression is the most common of the mental disorders today. The term depression encompasses a whole array of mental conditions and includes mood disorder, bipolar disorder, dysthymia etc.

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