Publishes Insightful Article on How to Identify Depression in Children


Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing extensive information regarding depression and its treatments, has recently published an article to help parents identify if their children are going through depression. Depression in children and teens is often difficult to detect especially since the age is subject to personal transformations.

The article outlines the common symptoms of depression in children and informs that if children have similar behavior then there is a possibility that they might be in depression. However with an estimated 3% adolescents experiencing depression, the article suggests that the parents should first observe the behavior of their kids more attentively before coming to a conclusion. The exact symptoms that are common amongst depressed children can be viewed here.

Another statistic that the article shares is that girls make up 2/3 of total depressed children. The article in Depression Magazine further adds that when it comes to children, depression is usually masked and careful observation is required make sure the kids are in stable mood.

The website offers numerous treatments both medical and non-medical for different types of depression. Whether it is teen depression or depression in adults, treatments for every demographic is provided by the online magazine. Latest news and medical reports are also consistently shared by the site, which intend to keep their visitors well informed and on the path to recovery.

One news and its analysis that has been recently published on the site,, is a study which has shown that long term depression can affect a women’s potential to conceive. The study which was originally published in Clinical Endocrinology News, stated the purpose of the study was to investigate whether psychological distress is indeed related to low fertility. Even though the latest study is still based on speculations, there is still a possibility that depression if not cured can cause substantial damage to the human body.

About is one of the leading websites that provides extensive information regarding depression. Through the online platform,, the various articles and news related to depression can be viewed. The site is known for providing straight forward simple advice on how to treat depression and provides insights on identifying depression in children, teens and adults.

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