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Csengeri Law Has Information and Insight on New Bobyn Testimony in DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit

New information on DePuy ASR hip recall from Csengeri Law.


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Notable bioengineering expert Professor Dennis Bobyn of McGill University has testified regarding the Johnson & Johnson division DePuy ASR hip replacement recall. The information shared by Prof. Bobyn with the State Court of Los Angeles in the first of the major trials involving DePuy was significant. According to Prof. Bobyn, all 93,000 of the metal hip implants suffered from several defects. The defects stemmed from design flaws in the DePuy device which lead to much greater rate of failure than other similar devices. Professor Bobyn testified as an expert witness on behalf of plaintiff Loren Kransky, a former prison guard who filed suit due to his failed DePuy ASR hip replacement.

According to Bobyn’s testimony “any claimed benefits of the ASR were greatly outweighed by the risks of the implant.” Bobyn also conferred with the opinion “causing it to fail, generating excessive amount of cobalt and chromium wear debris.” The initial design of the cup shaped DePuy ASR hip implant can cause it to warp and deform during implantation. According to Bobyn it’s a matter of simple geometry. The Professor stated unequivocally “If I have a larger object that has to go into a smaller hole, something has to move.” This warping of the implant cup leads to excessive cobalt and chromium wear, leading to debris collection.

At the time of the recall, DePuy claimed that 12% of the ASR devices failed within five years, requiring a revision surgery. Attorney Michael Kelly expanded on this data, adding information from an Australian national registry that showed the DePuy ASR failure rate at higher than 40%. Paul Voorhorst, a DePuy statistician, said the company showed that 28% of ASR hips failed at a hospital in Finland. He also mentioned data form the United Kingdom national joint registry showing 27% of the hips failed inside of seven years. Independent analysts are estimating DePuy will pay billions to settle these suits.

Csengeri Law is making this data and other trial data available to any patient with a defective or recalled DePuy ASR hip implant. Csengeri Law will offer this information in a free consultation to anyone who is suffering from a DePuy revision or recall related incident. As the first trial continues, Csengeri Law will continue to update the approach and advice it can offer clients in relation to the DePuy ASR recall related lawsuits.

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