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DePuy Will Not Pursue Research on Metal Hip Implants, J&J to Discontinue All Metal Hip Replacements

Csengeri Law weighs in on the J&J announcement to discontinue metal hip implants.


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- DePuy, the orthopedic unit of Johnson & Johnson has announced that it will be completely phasing out the production of metal-on-metal hip implants. This phasing out of the metal on metal hip implants is systemic of the health industry trend that has more and more medical professionals avoiding metallic implants. In almost all circumstances this moving away from the metal on metal hip implants is due to extremely high early failure rates in many of the implants.

In 2010 DePuy recalled the Articular Surface Replacement (A.S.R.) hip replacement system. The recall followed nearly 400 FDA complaints regarding the implant as well as a U.K. report that citing major failure rate in the metal-on-metal hip implant. The recall cited a potential for metal debris to break loose from the implant and cause metal toxicity in the implant patients. The phasing out of the popular J&J Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implant is a bit surprising given DePuys current legal battles.

The phasing out of the Pinnacle model is entirely voluntary but does come during the middle of intense litigation involving the recalled metal-on-metal ASR hip replacement implant. DePuy has faced two trials regarding the recalled ASR hip replacement, in California and Chicago. The California trial found DePuy liable for $8.3 million dollars to Loren Kransky, a former prison guard from Montana. In the more recent Chicago trial, the jury found insufficient evidence to find DePuy at fault. Many experts think that additional health issues the plaintiff suffered may have muddied the results of this trial. With two major multi district litigation (MDL) trials rapidly approaching in Ohio, the decision to end production on the Pinnacle implant is a shocker. Csengeri Law is available to answer any implant related legal questions. Csengeri Law founder Steve Csengeri takes defective and recalled implants extremely seriously, after suffering from his own faulty Zimmer Zurom Cup. Csengeri Law offers free consultations to anyone suffering from a defective or recalled metal-on-metal implant, and provides up to the date information regarding implant law.

More information on the DePuy legal battles is available on the Csengeri Law website, here.

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