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Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2016 -- Comprehensive skin care information online resource has accepted the responsibility of helping their readers learn more about common skin conditions and skin problems and also assist them in finding natural and effective solutions. Since the website's launch, the skincare experts at DermaClue have covered a diverse range of skincare topics, recently the experts talked about Chickenpox and the unsightly chickenpox scars that are left behind even when the ailment has been treated. In the article, the experts suggest various medical and "Do It Yourself" at home solutions for getting rid of chickenpox scars.

The team behind DermacClue, the researchers, skincare experts, and writers, understands that having unappealing chickenpox scars can have a toll on a person's confidence. Everyone wishes to have flawless, clear and glowing skin. Good skin can be a major confidence booster; it increases a person's self-esteem and has a great effect on their social life and behavior. People with problematic skin seem to shy away from the spotlight and lack confidence. The skincare experts at Dermaclue said: "The question of how to eliminate chickenpox scars may have come up millions of times. Even when the virus has gone, the scars are still embarrassing. It ruins your look. It ruins your skin tone. Sometimes, the scars can get so deep and it looks like hundreds black spot on your skin. It's irritating. There is a myriad of treatments and products available currently in the market for skin discoloration especially for chickenpox scars, we have investigated a few, including home remedies and have compiled them in our latest article for your convenience. These solutions are quoted to be the best treatments for chickenpox scars removal and they may be the answer to your problems."

According to the experts, one of the best ways to limit the number of chickenpox scars being left behind after the disease is gone is to take preventive measures. The inflamed blisters and rashes caused by chickenpox can be very itchy, however itching the blisters and rashes is not advised because it can cause more harm and discomfort, and can lead to scarring. Skincare experts advise various methods that can be carried out at home to calm and soothe the discomfort and itchiness. One of the methods involves hydrating and soothing the skin with oatmeal.

However, in some cases scars are unavoidable, even though the scars do not cause any discomfort, their unattractive appearance is the main reason why people wish to get rid of them as soon as possible. Firstly, the article discusses the various medical treatments that a doctor can prescribe to resolve the scarring problem. These methods include microdermabrasion, which has been among the most popular due to its efficiency. Initially microdermabrasion treatments were available only through an aesthetician, which could only be received at a clinic. Although many at-home microdermabrasion products are available they are not as effective as the ones offered by skin specialists. Another medical treatment prescribed by the doctors and discussed in the article is corrective laser treatment, which the article is the considered the most successful based on polling on patients' satisfaction. There some other treatments including doctor prescribed topical treatments that the article mentions.

In contrast to medical treatments there are also natural solutions, throughout centuries, women have used natural ingredients to take care of their beauty and solve their skin problems. Most natural remedies have lasted for centuries so it is fair to infer that these natural skin care tips have stood the test of time due to their effectiveness and their capability to deliver great results. "Many people don't like the idea of medical treatment for how to get rid of chickenpox scars quickly solutions. They may have good reasons too. Medical treatment usually has side effects, and it costs a lot more expensive. In an alternative to them, you should also try one of the following home remedies made of natural ingredient you can find at home." - Dermaclue skin experts explained.

The article features the top 5 home remedies for eliminating chickenpox scars, some of which include the use of baking soda, lemon juice, and coconut water. Although there are hundreds of home remedies for this specific purpose alone, the skin experts have chosen the top 5 according to effectiveness. The experts suggest that if one remedy does not have the desired effect, people can use a combination of natural remedies to get better results.

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