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Dermolab Pharma Announces Its Phytotherapy Expertise


Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Dermolab Pharma, a Montreal based pharmaceutical manufacturing company announces its capacity to produce phytotherapeutic products. In an effort to expand their production capacities and offer the most diverse services possible to their clients, company officials claim their facilities have the capacity to produce, among many other types of pharmaceuticals, plant extract juices with PSN. These natural health products are commercially popular among an environmentally-conscious clientele that are wary of chemical substances and prefer natural solutions.

About DermoLab Pharma
Dermolab Pharma has three main branches: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical. The company manufactures, packages and ships these three types of products. Based just off the island of Montreal, Dermolab Pharma can boast state of the art equipment and qualified employees. Company officials assure their clientele they can maintain a tight production schedule, even with larger batches. Their longest production time being 8 weeks, Dermolab Pharma advertises its priority on quality and efficiency. Anyone interested in Dermolab Pharma’s services should consult the Contact section at the bottom of this article.

About Nutraceuticals
Most people are familiar with cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, but nutraceuticals may require a bit of explanation. Nutaceuticals are natural health products like weight loss drinks, acne creams, digestive compounds etc. Phytotherapy is slightly different from this as it is closer to herbalism, using whole herbs rather than isolating molecules from plants. Dermolab Pharma officials advertise the ability to manufacture and package both of these types of products, as well as a wide array of others.

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