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DeRocco Building Corporation Now Building In-Law Suites for Summer 2014


Feasterville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- DeRocco Building Corporation is now building In-Law Suites for summer 2014. In-Law Suites are popular home additions in Bucks County for those caring for a family member or looking to add value to their home. The wing also serves well as a regular guest room. Homeowners can contact DeRocco Building Corporation to set up a consultation and see if an In-Law Suite is right for them.

Many residents of Bucks County have an extra family member living with them for some reason or another. Some families have grandparents move into their house either for lack of their own housing or because they need special care and attention. This can be stressful for the family and the new guest, who may feel like they’re imposing. By giving aging relatives their own area of the house, In-Law Suites reduce the stress and pressure on such living situations while still allowing the elderly family member to receive the care they need.

The same principle goes for adult children who move back home. Many children return home after college for a while because they’re not sure of their next step. Others have to stay longer because tough economic times have delayed their future plans. Regardless of whether the parents have turned their child’s room into a gym yet, an In-Law Suite gives the young adult his or her own space, reducing the strain that moving back in can have on parent-child relationships.

Planning on selling in the near or distant future? In-Law Suites and other additions are proven to add significant value to homes in the long run. The suite will add value no matter how long the homeowner uses it, as the extra space will always appeal to prospective buyers who have large families.

Contact the Bucks County deck builders and home addition experts today to learn more about In-Law Suites. Visit them online or call 215-501-7208.

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