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DeRocco Building Corporation Now Offering Total Home Makeovers This Fall 2013


Feasterville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- When individuals or families feel like they’re out of space or simply wish to re-design the structure and makeup of the home, a home makeover may be in order. DeRocco Building Corporation is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services to provide clients with total home makeovers this fall season. With a wide array of services, from remodeling to creating and designing additions, DeRocco Building Corporation will provide their clients with the ultimate customer service and satisfaction, building a new-look home that is personally tailored in the interests of the client.

With their quality service, the professional planners and designers will walk their customers through the entire process, letting the customer choose the styles and designs they prefer, but providing their own input and thoughts based on the parameters of the home and the budget the client is willing to spend. For total home makeovers, including the remodeling of bathrooms and digging up the wiring, DeRocco Building Corporation will provide all the duties required for a full service, from plumbing to electrical services.

Additions are a prevalent feature for families, whether creating an extra space for the kids or a guest room for a relative. Their in-law suite service is an effective way for reconstructing the house and providing family members, like parents, to be close to their children and grandchildren. To renovate and remodel kitchens and bathrooms, DeRocco Building Corporation has many styles for clients to choose their own sinks and countertops for their very own dream home.

To make the outside of the home more appealing and attractive, DeRocco Building Corporation will build a beautiful landscape in which to appeal to any company during the warmer months. Whether customers wish to have an elevated deck or a patio to surround existing structures in the backyard, clients will receive the perfect outdoor addition to any home.

The professionals will walk the clients through every step of the makeover to ensure everything is constructed the right way and the features match their desire. To hear more about the services offered by DeRocco Building Corporation or to inquire on a specific service needed to perfect the home, please call 215-501-7208 or visit their website today.

About DeRocco Building Corporation
For 22 years, DeRocco Building Corporation has been helping their clients with home construction. Their services include designing and creating an addition to the home, both sunrooms and an extra indoor room, remodeling of kitchens or bathrooms, outdoor structures like a patio or specialty feature, and even roofing or siding maintenance. They have been awarded the Coty Contraction of the Year Award for Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania three times since 2000. Located in Feasterville, PA, DeRocco Building Corporation has boasted a premier showroom since 2006 to give clients a glimpse of how their home may look.

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