Desain Furniture Launches the Interior Design Trends for Homes and Office in 2013


Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- The trends fashion or wardrobe keeps on changing every year or even every season, so as the trends of interior design. A room does not need the same old desain interior all the time. In order to make some refreshing effect to the space, the interior design of the room will require some essential changes. As the year 2012 has gone by, the new year has come with the new hopes as well as the new trends in everything including the interior design. In 2013, orange color will be replaced by yellow. This color could be a fantastic way to make a room more bright as well as more cheerful whether it is used as an accent or even as the dominant color. Many experts of interior design consider the trends of floral and patterns will dominate the popular interior design in 2013. The interior features aspects such as wallpapers, upholstery, laminated wood will show the floral and patterns domination. There will be a debut from medieval and tribal patterns as well. Beside some features that reclaims its thrown, those two patterns with the pattern that is inspired by botanical aspect will come out to make their first appearance in 2013.

Home Interior Design

In the year 2013, a neutral pallet of color will become a sophisticated choice. In the next design cycle, neutral color will reclaim their previous domination. The color with soothing backdrop will be shown by most of the trendy lighting, accessories, and furniture. In 2013, olive, lighter blue and navy will be essential color options. Bright colors will be a major color in cold season while the red color will be brighter and brighter. The latest home interior design trend has more importance on warmth ans long term value. Having the previous experiences, those with more reliable budget will want the desain interior rumah that is really worthy of their expense. The interior home design will be more about presenting some lovable items as the additional part of the existing decoration rather than choosing to buy the more expensive desain furniture.

Office Interior Design

The trends of office interior design in 2013 will be the next step of the previous trends in the last few years. The interior office design preferences tend to have more efficiencies in it. The efficient design provides smaller spaces yet the workers have more options of activities. The new colors and materials used in the office interior design are included as the important aspect in creating a new environment in the new office. The challenge in designing new office interior is becoming more and more difficult due to the global economy that keeps on changing very rapidly. In order to come up with an excellent office interior design, any interior designer will be forced to have a better understanding upon the successful way to compete each other and also have more innovative ideas integrated solutions to meet the customers' need and want.

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