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Descendant Helps Teens Discover Hidden Talents Inherited from Ancestors


Moses Lake, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- The publication of DESCENDANT, available in bookstores everywhere, is a lifelong dream come true for author Nichole Giles, who believes that everyone has a remarkable hidden talent somewhere inside them. Giles’s dream of writing was a deep desire she did not discover until her youngest child started preschool, and she realized she wanted something more than just a clean house and well-raised children. Giles secretly began writing a book. With no clue where to start or how to go about creating a publishable story, Giles enrolled in an online class which fueled her desire to create, and left her hungry for more. During a visit to her local library, she stumbled across a flyer for a nearby writer’s conference, which she promptly enrolled and after which she realized she was hooked for life.

“My first attempt at a novel was horrid,” says Giles. “It was this exceptionally long epistle with no plot, too little characterization, and no ending. But in a way, it was the best thing I ever wrote because it emboldened me to try.” As she continued attending conferences and taking classes, she held onto the hope that someday she would write a story that someone would want to read.

After three failed attempts at completing manuscripts, countless critiques, and hundreds of hours of writing, DESCENDANT was born. “I couldn’t get the story to leave me alone,” she says, “even when I was working on other projects.” Nine years after her journey began, Rhemalda Publishing published her debut novel, DESCENDANT.

DESCENDANT tells the story of seventeen-year-old Abby, whose unique talents of Healing and Sight, otherwise known as Gifts, have kept her family forever on the run from place to place in order to keep a step ahead of the darkness that hunts her. Plagued with visions of past lives mixed with frightening glimpses of her future, Abby meets Kye, a mysterious boy who seems so achingly familiar that Abby is drawn to him like he is a missing piece of her own soul. When the darkness catches up, Abby flees again, this time with Kye at her side, and more than just her life at stake.

Fans of Beautiful Creatures, The Eternal Ones, and the T.V. series Heroes will love DESCENDANT.

DESCENDANT is available in print or ebook from your local bookstore or any online retailer.

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About Nichole Giles
Nichole Giles was born in Nevada and moved with her parents to a number of cities in and around the Midwest. Writing is her passion, but she also loves to spend time with her husband and four children, travel to tropical and exotic destinations, drive in the rain with the convertible top down, and play music at full volume so she can sing along.

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