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Descent Into Darkness: Canadian Author's Compelling New Fantasy Series Fuses Dark Fiction with Philosophical Fact

Written by Jarrett Drake Smith, the ‘Descent Into Darkness’ series thrusts readers into the futuristic nation of Shadownia and into a world where arcane magic has nearly destroyed the globe. The series’ first volume, ‘Victory Tower’, introduces readers to assassin and mercenary Dimitri Adam Dionus. When his work winds up with him trying to save a personal friend – what sacrifices will be made in the name of success?


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- While fantasy novels have seen a recent boom in popularity, many critics and fans are crying out for something new. As one of the few Canadian authors to venture into the genre, Jarrett Drake Smith bursts onto the scene with gusto as he launches his ‘Descent Into Darkness’ series.

Innovative, gripping and wholly unique, the series is poised to bring a refreshing new experience to readers young and old. Volume one, ‘Victory Tower’ serves as the perfect introduction to what is set to become an immensely-popular set of classics.


Welcome to Shadownia, a futuristic nation that opted to use newfound magic instead of technology. Once known as a utopia, it has been thrown into chaos since dictator Amadeus Sanchos took the reigns of power. Follow renowned assassin Dimitri Dionus as he fights against the forces of Amadeus on his quest to save the nation:

Dimitri had only just finished a successful assassination, when a request from Amsolot Shadonus, a warrior long thought dead, sends him on a mission to rescue a fallen ally. At first a task like any other, it soon becomes a personal mission when Amadeus’ forces capture a close friend and confidant.

Dimitri must venture to the Victory Tower, not only to complete his newest mission, but also to find answers about his friend’s whereabouts.

As the author explains, readers are in for a wild literary ride.

“I have melded fiction with psychological and philosophical fact to help readers discover a new meaning of trust, danger and friendship. Hand-in-hand with Dimitri, each page will bring new twists and opportunities to question the future. It’s a very powerful combination,” says Smith, CFO of Triple J Studios.

Continuing, “The current literary market is somewhat stagnant and people are looking for something new. My series is that fresh blood and is unlike anything ever written before.”

To give something back to the writing community, Smith also hopes to help others bring their own books to the market.

“I hope my work inspires others to release their own material; something I’m willing to assist them with. To help the wider community, $1 from every sale will be going to the Autism Speaks Canada Charity,” he adds.

With more books to be released, interested readers are urged to purchase volume one of ‘Descent Into Darkness’ as soon as possible.

‘Victory Tower’, published by Triple J Studios, is available now: http://amzn.to/19p7JwF.

About the Author: Jarrett D. Smith
Jarrett D. Smith is a budding writer with a passion to share with the world his unique views on life. As a young entrepreneur, he is also a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Triple J Studios, which aims to create content with simplicity, design, usability, and the "Cloud" in mind. He holds this position to which he brings his knowledge of financial accounting, computer technology, writing and literature and most importantly his unique understanding of the human mind.

Born with autism, and having lived most of his life in extreme depression, Jarrett has triumphed through his personal obstacles through the gift of writing and has written several short stories that speak to the roles and identities of people within modern society. Through the lens of magic and fantasy, Jarrett inspires people to transcend any obstacle in their life, and reminds us of our capacities of strength, hope and courage.

His first book series, Conquest of Shadownia (Descent Into Darkness), as well as his short stories offers a poignant look into complexities of living with mental illness and a learning difficulty, and against all odds, being able to succeed. Jarrett hopes to share this message not just with people who have or continue to live with mental illness but also anyone looking for a story of true magic.