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Desert Mountain Bikes Tour Company in Utah Launches Campaign to Help with Expansion


Kanab, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Utah is a great place to get out and be active, but for biking enthusiasts, the desert sands in Kanab, Utah, can pose a real problem. That’s where Seldom Seen Fatties Bike Shop comes in.

The company specializes in offering a fat bike inventory that helps make it easier to trek through the sand, with desert mountain bikes.

Julie and Nick Smith have been active in the outdoor industry for many years – Julie spent years taking outdoor treks with her family, and now she and Nick run Seldom Seen Adventures. The couple sees a strong need to jumpstart the economy in Kanab, Utah; they feel that increasing the number of fat bikes available for mountain bike rental in Seldom Seen Fatties Bike Shop can increase tourism and help the economy of a community they feel was seriously affected by the recent government shutdown.

“We have been guiding hiking and canyoneering tours for the past three years to remote areas where people can experience the beauty of the seldom seen; we want to expand and do the same with mountain biking,” said company co-owner Julie Smith.

To increase the number of fat bikes that are available for rental, the couple has launched an Indiegogo campaign. They hope to raise 15,000 USD within a month and a half, to purchase fat tire mountain bikes capable of riding through the dense sand in Kanab, which often stops bikers with traditional tires.

The company is offering multiple incentives for donors – for 10 USD, individuals will receive a Rollin’ Fatties window decal; for 45 USD, individuals will get a Seldom Seen Fatties Bike Shop t-shirt. But it’s at the 350 USD mark that things get truly interesting. Donors will receive a gift certificate for full day rental of four fat tire mountain bikes. At higher levels, donors will receive gift certificates for half-day tours or a deluxe 2-day trip package valued at more than 1,700 USD.

Funds raised through this campaign will be used to purchase more fat tire bikes, as well as repair supplies and rental items (GoPro cameras, spot GPS beacons) that are meant to make a trip even more enjoyable for patrons.

“We are business owners trying to make a living for our family and give customers the best adventure sports travel in Kane County, Utah,” said Julie Smith.

About the Campaign to Purchase Fat Tire Bikes
Nick and Julie Smith run Seldom Seen Adventures and are opening a new venture – “Seldom Seen Fatties Bike Shop” – a shop that focuses on rental and tours using bikes with tires that can overcome the challenges of riding over the dense sands of Kane County, Utah. Learn more about the campaign http://igg.me/at/ssfatties/x also visit their seldom seen adventures tour page at www.seldomseenadventures.net