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Designer Dog Collars to Style Up Pets

Collar Planet introduces trendy dog collars for your pets


Sparta, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- A dog collar is not just an accessory but something that expresses individuality of a dog and its owner. It holds high significance in terms of recognition and distinctiveness. A dog collar speaks a great deal about the dog owner’s sense of taste. A lot of fashionable dog collars are available in the market. They are intended to be fashion statements. Collar Planet brings forth a wide collection of collars in different styles.

Collar Planet is an online store for pet apparels and dog collars. Based in Tennessee, the store houses different varieties of dog collars. These include jewelled, spiked, embroidered, lighted, animal print, and martingale dog collars. Besides dog collars, the store also houses a multitude of exclusive pet products. The store also sells pet furniture, natural flea spray, conditioner, shampoo, products for pet lovers, and other accessories for dogs. They have a wide range of collections of pet products available at the store.

Their extensive collection of puppy collars, male and female dog collars are available in different size, starting from extra small right up to extra-large. They are available in a variety of fabulous designs. The dog collars’ choices at the store contain seasonal collars and holiday collars for matching with traditions. The website also features variety of bling dog collars as well as fancy dog collars with attractive price discounts. The company also has some politically-oriented and patriotic kind of collars in their collection. The latter are much sought after by spirited sports buffs during national sporting events. The quick release and lighted collars are meant for security and expediency. The wide-ranging fashion attire for dogs manufactured by the company includes sports apparel, t-shirts, bandannas, hoodies, seasonal dog costumes, and much more. Additional fashionable dog accessories include sunglasses and harnesses. Customers can go through the images of different dog apparels displayed on the website and chose the one they like for their pet. The price of each product is also given on the website.

“Our selection of dog collars is out of this world, with a complete variety of collars for every season, holiday, occasion, and every day wear including Martingale collars, spiked, jeweled, leather, LED collars, and many more: states the website.

For further information, visit the company’s official website.

About Collar Planet
Collar Planet, established in 2008 is a leading online store that offers trendy leather dog collars for pet lovers. The store is based in Tennessee. The products sold by the store include different types of pet products and dog collars. The dog collars offered at the store are manufactured in the Midwest by a family owned business.

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