Designer Long Tran Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Bring Art and Technological Breakthroughs Back Into Fashion

Originally from Vietnam, New York City based designer Long Tran is on the brink of something new, fresh, and innovative with amazing concepts and top-notch craftsmanship.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Fashion trends come and go but innovation and ideas last forever. Long Tran believes in creating functional and creative garments for men and women that are not dictated by trends, but convey ideas that never go out of style. All aspects of the Long Tran brand are carefully handcrafted in a small studio setting to ensure the quality of the product.

Long Tran is keeping what is left of creativity alive and it is being unleashed through both his men’s & women’s collections. Long single handedly captures an array of seamless Couture high fashion art in his designs, every garment is specially designed from the finest materials, and carefully fitted and it all starts from just a simple thought process to sketching and bringing his art to life.

Long Tran seeks to bring art and technological breakthroughs back into fashion to allow the wearer to express their own creativity and vision of the future. Using top quality materials in unexpected ways is the hallmark of the Long Tran Brand.

Long Tran is sought after by avant-garde tastemakers such as Lady Gaga, who sported the Longernecker boots during her birthday weekend performances at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City as well as on the Late Show with David Letterman. With adequate funding through Kickstarter, Long Tran can offer this creative vision to a larger market.

This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Sat, May 17 2014 7:17 PM +05:30.

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