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Desk Stretches for a Relaxed Mind and Body


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Many people spend hours per day situated at a desk, fixated on a computer screen, working hard to make a living. But constantly sitting in this position can cause muscles to cramp and joints to become compressed, leading to stiffness, achiness, and even fatigue over time. Taking a stretch break daily to move about the office, or even stand up at the desk we sit at, can provide numerous benefits for the body and for the mind.

Even if a walk isn’t feasible in a work day, we can still find ways to stretch and move the muscles about. To stretch out the neck, lean the head sideways and draw the ear towards the shoulder. To add to the stretch, bring a hand to the side of the head and gently apply pressure to increase the stretch. Lifting the chin will keep the jaw open and allow for easier flow of breath. Hold for five breaths then repeat on the opposite side.

To continue this stretch into the shoulders and along the ribs, gently tip the upper torso (leaving the hips stationary in a chair or stacked on top of hips) to the side and inhale deeply. Placing the hands behind the head and keeping the elbows wide open will allow for an expansion in the chest, and the deep inhales will stretch along the latissimus dorsi muscles to relieve tension along the spine. Hold for five breaths and repeat on the other side.

A seated twist is another way to release tension in the upper body and along the spine. Sitting straight forward, turn the upper body to look over one shoulder, and gently place the hand against the legs to deepen the twist with resistance. Drawing in the belly and allowing the abdomen to twist along with the body will also add additional digestive benefits.

Finally, stretch the hips by placing one leg across the other, resting the ankle against the knee. Flex the foot of the lifted leg, and lean forward with the chest to stretch the outside of the hip. Repeat on both sides and hold for five breaths during the stretch.

For upper back and hamstrings, perform a downward facing dog using a chair for support. Lean into the chair with the hands, leaving hips lifted and legs long behind the body. Let the chest and shoulders open by pressing into the chair and letting chest drift slightly between the arms. Hold the pose for five breaths and then release.

These few exercises will provide the body with a stretch for the whole body and a release for the mind as well.

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