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Destin Attorneys Present Reasons to Prepare a Formal Business Contract


Destin, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- In a recent blog article, Ansley & West P.A. outlines the reasons why it is important to memorialize business agreements in a formal contract. It can become a costly error to rely on oral agreements or someone's memory. Written contracts are legally binding agreements that offer a higher level of security to businesses.

In Five Reasons to Memorialize Your Business Agreement in a Contract, Ansley & West encourages businesses to clarify the agreement details. All terms and conditions made between partners and associates should be included in the contract. This also ensures all parties involved agree to the deal as it is written in the contract.

According to Ansley & West, a contract also defines the parties to the contract and statements of fact. Business agreements are typically created as the result of ongoing negotiations. Including the facts in a contract protects customers and the interests of all the business parties.

A formal contract can also be used to protect businesses in other ways. Non-compete clauses prohibit businesses or people from directly competing with the owner of the business. Obligations and warranties are created to provide protection to customers and business owners. Ansley & West helps companies prepare comprehensive contracts to completely memorialize the terms of their agreements.

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