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DESTRUCTIVE AGENDAS : Enthralling Novel by Brian Footitt Exposes "Both Sides" of the Legal, Immigration and Welfare Systems.

A novel of intrigue and suspense surrounding a most unfortunate incident, ‘Destructive Agendas’ offers readers a front-row seat to the disasters fuelled by a lust for power, fame, wealth and self-preservation. Based on the author’s first hand experiences during his long career as a Community Pharmacist, this novel is poised to resonate with readers from the upper class to the working ranks throughout north America.


Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Many would believe that being a Community Pharmacist in a small Canadian town is the quintessential setting for social spirit and tight-knit friendships. However, as author Brian Footitt is quickly proving, nowhere is safe from the consequences of crime, injury and unexpected aggression.

Footitts gripping novel is based on the author’s own accounts as a Pharmacist of nearly 20 years. Described by critics as a ‘Creative Non-Fiction’ novel, Footitt’s narrative is uniquely fusing factual events with a brilliant “story telling” writing style to shed light on a myriad of shocking social and Governmental issues.


DESTRUCTIVE AGENDAS is more than just another tale of sex, drugs and corruption. It is a revealing sample of one mans life changing accounts of suddenly becoming entangled into our legal, immigration and welfare systems.

From the respected & sterile world of the pharmacy counter to the seedy underground drug trade, Rupert P. Cosgrove is headed on a wild ride where destructive agendas rule.

Brian Footitt’s debut novel begins when Rupert refuses to fill a narcotic prescription for Benjamin Federko. A confrontation ensues, leaving Benny in the intensive care unit and Rupert in the slammer. What follows is a satirical journey through a minefield of legal, judicial, political and personal agendas. Lawyers work to settle old scores, a crusty retired General steps in as a witness and an underworld kingpin provides unexpected attention. Rupert engages the services of his newly formed friendships, both inside and outside of prison, with a drug enforcer watching out for the fifty-seven-year-old unaccustomed to life behind bars.

As the author’s publicist explains, the book’s light-hearted and satirical tone is actually drawing vital attention to wider issues that plague our society.

“It pays particular attention to the sad reality of prejudice in all its ugly disguises, and accords the reader to observe the very real disasters that follow in the wake when aggressive agendas by powerful people are turned loose on an unsuspecting civilian,” says Hartmut Dietrich.

Continuing, “But most importantly, it employs a touching blend of humour, satire and compassion to counter balance the disturbing animosity evident in our society and reassures readers that caring, compassionate individuals don’t always finish last. . . .”

While unconventional in format, Dietrich believes Footitt has landed on a winning formula.

“People don’t want to read dry narratives. Brian has struck the perfect balance of using intelligent whit and sarcasm together with realism to uncover for the reader the inner workings of political systems and the people behind them.

“He grabs the audience, gives them a wholly-entertaining story and leaves them plenty to think about as they turn the final page,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, Academia Press has recently also made available a limited hard cover version due to bookstores demand. Interested readers are encouraged to purchase their copy quickly.

About Brian Footitt
Brian Footitt is an accomplished Canadian author and community pharmacist of over 20 years from the quaint village of Creemore, Ontario , Canada.

His passion of caring for others has translated into the relationships he built over the years from the other side of his pharmacy counter as well as those unexpected personal home deliveries in times of need.

Brians writing career first started with a childrens book inspired by his love and adoration of his young grand daughter. This little self published book, with its lessons of accepting the cultural differences of other children, was an immediate success with requests from parents, teachers and local schools.

Not until many years after that fateful encounter at the pharmacy, which still today leaves him in frequent reoccurring pain due to a very real knife wound, did he consider finally writing his story. In the process of re-living the trials and tribulations of the past, Brian now at age sixty seven felt an unstoppable release which has become his first book in an already scribed trilogy.