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Destructive Silence: Openly Discusses Abuse, Teen Pregnancy & Alcoholism, Depicting the Harsh Realities of Life

L.U. Ann’s powerful novel, the first in a new series, isn’t for the faint hearted. Relationships don’t always result in a happy ending. With such pertinence to everyday life, ‘Destructive Silence’ is poised to bring solace to thousands of readers who are facing their own adversity.


Fountain, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- It may be her debut release, but L.U. Ann has already shocked the literary world by admitting that her novel isn’t for everyone. Holding no bars and through its unique premise of fiction-for-real-life, ‘Destructive Silence’ is helping open-minded readers from coast to coast examine their own lives.

While it contains scenes of abuse, alcoholism and emotional breakdown, ‘Destructive Silence’ remains true to Ann’s goal to write about real life; the real life that leaves millions of people living in fear every day.


Lacey Edwards has a past.

A past that changed her life forever.

A past she wants desperately to forget.

Lacey is quiet and reserved compared to her best friend Becca Fox. They became instant friends when Lacey moved to Maryland nine years ago. Becca helped pull Lacey out of her introverted shell to experience life. By high school, Lacey was active in the club scene and would occasionally have to drag Becca with her. One night, Lacey realized she might be able to run from her past with the help of Becca and sexy Caine Rogers.

Lacey didn't know just how much emotions, honesty, and heartbreak, could change a person. Lacey has Becca’s support, but is that enough?

Will Lacey sacrifice her own happiness to do what is expected?

The author worked diligently to address many little-discussed facets of reality within her narrative.

“I wrote this book with the idea of helping people. This story is a daily reality for many women and, if I can help one person recognize they are a victim or the resources in the back help someone, it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears that went into writing it,” says Ann.

Adding, “It’s unlike any other book out there. While readers crave love stories about billionaires sweeping heroines off their feet, it rarely happens. This is the story of millions of silent women who keep their mouths shut in fear of being punished with a boot or a fist. My novel gives them a voice and many readers will be able to relate to what I have to say.”

Reviews echo this testament.

“The book cover is beyond gorgeous and the story behind the stunning image will leave you breathless. If you're looking for a novel that is going to leave you saying WTF and nursing a massive book hangover, get to one-clicking Destructive Silence,” says Elle Wilson.

Julie Deaton was hooked right from the start, adding, “This is such a great book and I had a rollercoaster of emotions from happy to sad to angry. It's one that you don't want to miss and I hope to be getting a lot more from L.U. Ann in the future. This is one of heck of a ride.”

With two more volumes in the works, ‘Destructive Silence’ is a must-read for any open-minded reader.

The novel is available now: http://amzn.to/18MP1fi.

About the Author: L.U. Ann
Author L.U. Ann recently moved to Colorado from the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and two children. Life in Colorado is so much different. In Maryland, you would find her in the garden tending to her vegetables and flowers, sea glass and shark tooth hunting once a week, and enjoying the kids swimming in the backyard. Her life took a drastic change when her family moved to their own "Little House on the Prairie" at an elevation of over 6,000 feet above sea level, and a semi-arid climate that makes it hard to grow anything. While barely anything can grow where she resides now, the wildlife makes up for it. Mountain Lions, and coyotes, and rattlesnakes, oh my!

She tries to spend a little time each day writing, but domestic chores around the house usually take precedence.

She would much rather hide them from her husband. She tends to her loving four-legged children who at times become much too demanding when she locks herself in the office. This often results in MORE domestic work, and she finds herself cleaning up after their deviant behavior.

At night, you'll find her begging the kids to go to bed so that she can catch up on the latest book before her sister can. Yes, she is an avid reader who escapes her chaotic but wonderful home to the feisty depths of romance land in search of her newest book boyfriend. Shh, don't tell her husband!

She is an artist by the grace of God. She worked as a set designer for six years, helping establish a local children's theatre where she was the scenery artist, set, and prop designer. Before that, you would find her covered in paint, so engrossed in painting a mural that time didn't exist. Graphic design is her guilty pleasure.