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Determine the Best Solution for Recovering Debt with Credit Insurance from CMR Insurance Services


Wallington, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2016 -- A credit insurance specialist in the UK, CMR Insurance Services, offers one-of-a-kind credit insurance solution that helps businesses determine the best method for recovering debt. The credit insurance they provide can cover 90% of commercial losses and 95% of political losses, in the case of payment default. Through their credit insurance, businesses can benefit from the mitigation of risks and the assurance that they can make a profit from trading at all times. The credit insurance CMR provides gives business owners greater peace of mind as bad debts no longer have the potential to seriously de-stabilise the business. It also gives them the confidence to grow - as companies can securely take on both new customers and new markets. Businesses also gain greater control over their cash-flow - with the value of the accounts receivable protected by credit insurance.

When it comes to providing quality credit insurance, CMR Insurance Services is a favourite of many businesses in the UK. They have a team of highly-skilled and dedicated financial professionals who ensure that high levels of service are maintained. They have over 25 years in this industry and are known for providing exceptional debt recovery and credit insurance services to a wide variety of clients. Businesses interested in their services can find more information and request a quote on their website.

Talking more about their credit insurance services, a representative of the company stated, "CMR gives you peace of mind when dealing with bad debt. Our approach is what sets us apart from other credit insurance companies. We take prompt action to make sure payments are right on schedule, so you can focus on the important matters of your business. We provide an in-person service, collate paperwork, negotiate with debtors and collaborate with businesses to determine the best solution in recovering debt."

About CMR Insurance Services
CMR Insurance Services is a credit insurance specialist offering tailored solutions and extensive support to start-ups and major enterprises across Britain. They provide a safeguard for businesses to prevent risks and ensure that they remain profitable even during financial uncertainties.

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