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New Detox Diet and Clean Eating Programs Rid the Body of Harmful Toxins and Teach Diet Doc Patients How to Eat Clean

Diet Doc’s new detox diet and clean eating programs deliver rapid weight loss by getting back to basics, cleansing the body of harmful toxins and teaching dieters how to eat clean


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2014 -- The body is a reservoir for dangerous toxins accumulated via years of breathing pollutants in the air, taking prescription medications and consuming processed foods that contain artificial colors, flavors, pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. Many detox diets involve fasting, consuming only water in extreme amounts, cleansing the colon and even removing dental fillings. Because some detox diets involve unreasonable and extreme methods and procedures that can lead to long term health consequences, Diet Doc cautions all prospective dieters to consult with a physician prior to beginning their detox diet.

To ensure that Diet Doc's detox diet and clean eating programs are the safest and most effective method of cleansing the body and losing excess weight, Diet Doc developed their diet plans that are supervised, guided and monitored by a team of fast weight loss experts, including doctors, nurses, certified nutritionists and nutritional coaches. And, for added convenience, the company partnered with Telemedicine, enabling patients in any part of the country to complete an initial health questionnaire, consult with a doctor and schedule weekly checkup calls without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Detox diet plans are designed by certified nutritionists subsequent to an online consultation with one of Diet Doc's highly trained doctors to ensure that this method of ridding the body of excess fluids, removing fat toxins, rebalancing blood sugar and recharging the metabolism is compatible with each patient's personal nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs.

Qualified patients who choose to eliminate body fat with Diet Doc's detox diet and clean eating programs will receive a prescription for natural fat burning supplements and exclusive appetite suppressants that allow patients to cleanse the body of harmful toxins while seeing fast and effective weight loss results. Because all Diet Doc products are developed in fully licensed, FDA approved, United States based pharmacies, clients can feel confident that they are receiving only the highest quality of ingredients and will begin seeing immediate results upon utilizing their supplements. And, because these body fat burning diet pills work flawlessly with the clean eating program, clients will find that they will be able to consume healthy, low calorie foods without struggling with unnecessary cravings or temptations to overindulge.

Diet Doc understands that people in America are eager to cleanse their body of harmful toxins and to find a clean eating weight loss diet that helps them reach their weight management goals without risking their health. By getting back to basics, Diet Doc has been successful in helping people throughout the country improve their health, increase energy levels and look and feel better than ever before with their detox diets and clean eating programs.

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